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posted May 05, 2018 02:53 AM        
Gear ratio, 1 mile gearing with 190/55r17

I know alot of people have run 18/44 for 1 mile runs

Wondering with a flashed ecu and rev limit on 12,100, would there be an avantage to running 18/46 or 18/45 and being able to pull to rev limit and stil run 200

2002 12r flashed, springs, head porting, serdi valve job, full muzzy stepped header stainless exhaust (made by hindle from what i read, vs the earlier muzzy stuff idk) no base gasket to bump compression, adjustable timing gears (have to assemble engine still, dont know what timing numbers will be, depends on ptv) zx14r injectors, pc5, bmc race filters, block off plates, bear stacks etc. etc.

Going to run a 190/55r17 rear, so 17/44 (2.59) would put me effectively close to stock 18/46 (2.56) with a 200/50r17

Would also give the ability to go 17/43 or possibly 17/42 on stock length chain if i needed higher gear ratio,

17/44.with a 190/55 being effectively the same as 18/45 with a 200/55
17/43 with a 190/55 being effectivley the same as 18/44 with a 200/55

Hope some of u 1 mile guys can chime in as im about to order new chain and sprockets

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posted May 05, 2018 11:35 PM        
best advice i can give is to take several sprockets with you for a 1 mile race and change them based on how you do with the current weather conditions.
if your 12 is making good power past the stock rev limit like most do and you can spin it higher, then your gearing can obviously be lower and you will have better acceleration.
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posted May 06, 2018 01:30 AM        Edited By: RobertMcBeth on 6 May 2018 08:31
Thank you kz scott, guess ill try 17/43 first and go from there, middle ground i can go up or down from there
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posted May 08, 2018 11:59 PM        
Different tires also GROW different amounts, thus changing total diameter.

You can calculate all you want the the weather and wind wins every time.

After your first couple stints you will see you need to bring several sprockets.

Take a 17 and 18 front, and some rears like 43-46.

Record/log what RPM you are trapping in 6th and then change gearing as needed....

Hopefully the wind won't mess you up between gearing changes ... she is a fickle bitch.

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX12R ZONE.com > Thread: Gear ratio, 1 mile gearing with 190/55r17 NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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