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posted July 11, 2015 05:51 PM        
Bridgestone RS10 Racing Street....First Impression

I haven't check the site. It's like everyone is waiting for Kaw 2017....anyway I spooned on some new rubber. Stones....RS10 Racing Street. They have a tad touch less stick than the Racier Version but they won't spit you off on a cold Michigan Morning either. My first impression....compared to the last version The Racing Streets, these feel less pointy. The profile of the tire is flatter/less pointy so it doesn't fall in as quick. I would like'en it to a Pirelli but of course it's on feel. I'm running the 200/55/17 out back and even though the diameter is bigger than the 190/55/17 my 05 ZX10 doesn't feel nervous or like I have the ass in the air to quicken the steering....very balanced. Grip is much better from the before the first scrub in too. Not as slick. Don't be a fool but you don't you don't have to think twice. I have a Penske Shock on my bike but if you get your shock dialed in these should last even longer than the first version. Even the old version if you got them hot they stuck nice. I can't wait to get these in their ideal temp. Even though they warm up quicker your not gonna do it in 15 min rides on the street but I could spin the rear from the first off. I don't have traction control but you would have to get these greasy and pushing.... Or be leaning on your traction control getting foolish to need more than this on the street...or HP... By the way changing your line at high speed feels safe, comfortable, with loads of feel.They are really nice at high speed on their sides. Bump absorption is lovey....very controlled from a tire stand point. I like to ride with smooth aggression and that's what I think these tires are like. On my bike they are mint. So as you can see I dig them especially if they last even longer than the last set. They are not expensive with more than enough stick for some track days. I can't wait for Sunday.....D.

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX10R ZONE.com > Thread: Bridgestone RS10 Racing Street....First Impression NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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