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posted May 28, 2009 02:21 PM        
I have worked at several dealerships over the years, and this guy is full of shit about being stuck with new vehicle inventory. Ever heard the old sales ploy BUY AT DEALER INVOICE for two days only. And then wonder how or better yet Why, these people who try to sneek a little fuckin in anywhere they can, ie document fee, dealer prep, hazardous material charge, shop fee, ect. ect .
Would or could sell at their cost? Maybe they found Jesus and got a conscience? Doubt it , dealer invoice is a myth. The new cars at a dealership are not owned by anyone but the manufacturer . the price the dealer pays changes constantly , depending on how long the models been out, when the new ones coming out , if the new one has changed, or the manufacturer realizes it has made a turd and people are figuring it out . Otherwise how would the dealer give YOU a Rebate on a car you purchase that they bought 8mos ago for XXXX amount. Trust me its all bullshit feelgood money.
A dealer invoice does kind of exist, its in a big blue metal Rolodex in General Managers office, but only 1 or 2 head pricks know how to decode it ,if it comes to them looking at that they will also call and check if any other dealer incentives that the customer never knows about exist .
Dont feel sorry for this prick he goes belly up dodge will come and get these units. and most of the parts inventory he speaks of is the same way, why do you think they have basic stock on hand. and have to order most thing usually being able to get it from another dealer because its closer than Detroit, because none of them own it, their just the middle man that pinches your bag and still makes a $20 off you. Not to mention all this poor mans used inventory which he does own and showed someone $5000.00 trade in value, but really only put $50.00 cost in the vehicle ,and then sold it to some other poor bastard for $3500.00 , oh yeah plus documents fees disposal fee, and any thing else they can get warranty, lifetime oil change for $20 program,
Just like the motorcycle dealers that carry four or five different names , its GREED thats all .
Feel sorry for him if you want but he wont think of us after filing bankruptcy , sipping that $40 a shot burbon on his private beach, as im sure its a corporation and is protected . You want to know how much of this is true go in your local dealer bike or car, pick a carry over unit and make them a ridiculous no insulting offer, they'll say no , but them show it to them, cash works best, but writing them a check and tearing it up works just as well , then leave , you wont make it to your car. Someone will chase you down , you might not get it for your offer but the is a spot somewhere far below "dealer invoice" . You might be buying that car/bike after all.

UMMM I amnot sure how much of your information is correct ..... well as far as GM Canada and Ford Canada are concerned.....

If a dealer orders a serial number he must pay for it as soon as the vehicle is PDIed.... MANY GM dealers do sometimes "hold" GM stock that was created due to union forced over production....there is a point at which a dealer sells unenough serial numbers that they begin to get "kick backs" LOL that is were I come in becuase I am a secondary manufacturer I buy 300 or so GM chassis per year and the dealer of my choice becomes the "selling" dealer and therefore receives the "kick backs". Now my numbers are a pitance compared to some.There is a dealer in Montreal that sells 5000 GM chassis per year to a single customer....

Ford is similar but there is no dealer of my choice but instead just a bigger discount for me.

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posted May 30, 2009 03:49 AM        
Dude should've dealt in winning products

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > DESMOSUPERBIKES.com > Thread: Dodge dealer writes letter... thoughts? NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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