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posted February 07, 2016 03:06 AM        
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When warmed up, coughs badly and like runing on 2 - 3 cyl.

Hello fellow bikers,

I am wondering if any one has had any experiences with engine trouble on the 2000 model R1 (Carbs)?

I had an issue before Christmas where at about 3,5k - 5k rpm the bike would run really rough and cough a lot, then from 5k onward's took of like a rocket.

I took it in to Yamaha and got the carbs cleaned and balanced as it felt like a carb issue. So i got it back ran smooth as a nut for two rides out, 3rd ride out it started again... grrr p.s. I also got new plugs fitted.

OK so i am now guessing it the carbs have just been done this is not going to be my issue..

Last week i took the missus on the car to bike up the car from service and the coughing was definitely there but much worse not., but now only when warmed up. If i gave it a good rev it was good for a little while then it started again. I managed to get myself home, but in front of the garage it was like it was running on two cyl maybe 3 then cut out. I didn't try to start it again just parked her up as it was late and dark.

So today i took her out of the garage half choke and fired her up. Ran like there was nothing wrong with her. Though i would take her quickly down the road. before i even make the end of the road it was rough again and just cut out.

So this morning i took the rectifier off measured it showed about 500 - 600 ohms diode test was clear all beeps.

Took tank off and measured the stator from the connector block (didn't take her apart) again diode test was fine. But could not get any readings off the connector block. I tried starting the engine up again, fired up revving it i got 13.xx volts measuring on the battery. made no difference on revving or not remained the same.

I also checked the primary side on the coils they showed ca: 2.7 ohms (is this not a little high?).

So now i am buggered if i know what the issue is or why originally and now when cold it coughs between 3.5 - 5k rpm. But now also when it warms up runs really rough to the point is just cuts out. The battery has not gone flat not have i had to charge it. as i left it first time and then it started fine. Today it started every time only when it got warm i am sure i could of kept trying until the battery went flat. Before christmas when i cought it i had a new battery fitted in it. But i noticed when checkeing the battery on start, 1str start 11.9 volts at cranking 2nd start 9.x volts at cranking, but it still turned over the engine really strong.

Please can someone help me as I am puzzled now with what this issue could be and the weather is picking up and getting better...

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Please can someone help me

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > R1-ZONE.com > Thread: When warmed up, coughs badly and like runing on 2 - 3 cyl. NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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