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BIKELAND > FORUMS > CBR1000RR > Thread: Happy Birthday Bikeland! You're 10!! NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

Needs a life
I eat Fish...
Posts: 7889
posted November 28, 2010 11:54 AM        
Congrats - I've been here for around 5 years - and hope to be here for much longer!

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Zone Head
Posts: 543
posted November 30, 2010 03:49 AM        
Smoke'INN year fishfry since 1999. And I don't mean ear. I'm chew'INN year ear off PAYUP Paz'INN YEAR AZZ'IS UP 2-U stand in front of my fish market and whom-bee the buzz-IS fault is that?!

I've been INN'UP year orificeSince, well, Since:

EyeVan: Tandy Wired his Azz redundant something was not wired write wit my WalletELixHer.
CheezIS: Since 1999 we do not drill said gear fob 5th gear to 6 me solder wire jump start the fart'inn 3wV???? Hello? Talk to eyeVinn book savvy since fill'inn the blank.
VOES is Lost: One article after the other they do not sea the linear dick swing I get out the dildo due-Dew Pay up for that one 2 x 4 VacYoUs mini-FI.
Brockiss: Me Lean Scream I Clock the fucking14 is one ratio. The less fire off my carbon buildup? The best can be beaten is just a statement... Fact or Fiction... Yes or No... I hardly make UP the rules of natural destruction going known wear my open ram sucks the waffle count; 1:33 goes [Reggie DaChoo] on the MuchStankLean? Brock, you see lean I machine the mustank full of gobble with the Chew-Chew Train my piston skirts blue velvet smoked lean?
42 Websites: Cannot fire off [I ask] the qualifier question and you are going to blame me my bike looks like it does? Pick either bike is lean is me no pig, no filter needed. Whooooooo Lean is me leave otherstanding still in their own smoke in some room filled wit...... Fill INN Day Blankstairs she walks'inn steps!
Shit man, I'm stupid so I have an excuse. Blame me for being doo-doo did chew read that shit? The fuck if I read it and now how do you explain DIS?!?!?!

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > CBR1000RR > Thread: Happy Birthday Bikeland! You\'re 10!! NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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