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posted December 26, 2011 06:01 AM        
Wife's got a Ninja.....finally

My wife finally traded off her '98 Intruder 800 on a better bike for her to learn on, found an '09 Ninja 250R at a very reasonable price and after some gentle coercing we bought it -- my wife is a little lady at under 5ft, so we had to install lowering links and bar risers to make it a comfortable fit -- but she is loving every mile. The ONLY problem I'm finding is the 1st/2nd gear ratios on the trans are very close, seems she has to shift as soon as the bike is moving and again to 3rd fairly quickly -- I'm hoping to regear some of the problem out with a -6 rear sprocket change and possibly +1 on the front if its still an issue -- I'm sure it will need more power with a full system and rejet to help offset the longer final drive ratio from bogging the takeoff a little too much, but its really the only logical move I can come up with. Anyone else have the same concerns with this transmission? How about any other idea's (without splitting cases and changing internals)?
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BIKELAND > FORUMS > 250R NINJA.com > Thread: Wife\'s got a Ninja.....finally NEW TOPIC POST REPLY

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