2005-01-04 03:46
Press Release
January 4, 2005

"The first African stage of the Telefonica Dakar 2005 ended up in a long liaison for the bikers after the short 123km special was canceled due to heavy fog." The Dakar website later continued, "The rally left Europe and Spain under beautiful sunny conditions, but for the start of the first real African stage, the weather had completely changed with heavy fog on the Rabat area. Impossible in the early hours of the day for the helicopters to take off (including the medical helicopters) and for the bikers to compete in perfect security a special that would have also been dangerous because of the very poor visibility! Safety being the key issue on the rally..."

The riders finished their 500km journey to Agadir by an asphalt road. Also, US Red Bull KTM Dakar rider Chris Blais celebrated his 24th birthday. Happy Birthday!!
Dakar Fog

Stage 5
January 4, 2005
The weather cooperated for the riders in Stage 5 as the bike special (381km) from Agadir and Smara proved to be a good day for Chris Blais and Scot Harden. Chris completed his day with an 8th position for an 8th overall. Chris is only fourteen minutes and twenty-nine seconds away from the leader!

Team Manager Scot Harden is coming up the ranks sitting in the 18th position for the stage; ranked 16th overall. Last year at this time, Scot was also ranked in the 16th position. The youngest team member Kellon Walch came in 56th today to be ranked in the 46th position.

This stage was initially hard and fast turning into a stony section that ended in a dried out river valley.

Stage 6 from Smara to Zouerat will host a timed 492km section for a total of a 622km day.

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