KTM starts safety initiative

2005-01-16 10:02
Press Release
January 16, 2005

Due to the incidents of the previous months, KTM, as the leading motorcycle manufacturer in Rally Raid, is under the obligation to actively support the reduction of risks.
Involving all those concerned - riders, organizers and manufacturers - it is time to openly discuss which measures will be necessary and appropriate to ensure more safety.
We like to invite all those affected, especially A.S.O., the organizer of the Dakar Rally, to join this initiative. Together we want to shape the future rally sport.

Still being in a state of shock about the previous event, KTM will announce how the future Factory Racing Engagement will look like in an adequate time. For sure this decision will also strongly depend on the results of the safety initiative.

It is a fact that KTM will keep up as it was the support for amateurs and private riders and that KTM's Rally Service will continue to exist.

Source: KTM Sportmotorcycle AG

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