Results World Outdoor Trials Championship, La Antigua, Guatemala

2007-04-23 08:37
Bou takes two more wins and two podiums for Fujinami in Guatemala.

Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa HRC reinforced his season-opening win with a pair of victories in this weekend's two-day Grand Prix in Guatemala. He was joined twice on the podium by team mate Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa HRC, with the Japanese rider taking a second and third place on
the two days respectively. Dougie Lampkin - Repsol Montesa HRC took a pair of fourth places, narrowly missing out on a podium place to Fujinami on Sunday, with the same number of
marks, but one clean section less than his team mate for the tie-break.

Debuting in the FIM Spea Trial World Championship, the Guatemala GP was held at the Autodromo los Vocanes, one hundred kilometres south of Guatemala City amid searing heat and sweltering humidity. The sections forming the
trial were all located in riverbeds around the race circuit, dropping into and climbing out of depressions formed in rocky and sandy banks. The entire field found the sections extremely difficult, but all relished the challenge of a new event in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans.

Bou proved the class of the field on both days,
with a good fight between him and Fujinami
developing on the first lap of the first day.
Several more mistakes from Fujinami allowed Bou
to gain the advantage, which he maintained
throughout the rest of the day to take the
initial win. Sunday was a similar situation but
several mistakes on the first lap by Fujinami saw
him drop to third on the second of the two days.
Lampkin was disappointed by his performance on
Saturday, feeling that he gave away too many
fives, but was clearly more in control on the
Sunday, but was disappointed that a score of just
fourteen marks only netted him fourth place.

The only rider to realistically challenge the
mighty Montesa squad was Adam Raga - Gas Gas.
However, Bou resisted the pressure from his
countryman impeccably with an extremely mature
ride throughout the weekend to consolidate his
lead in the championship. He cited the factory
Cota's torque as a definite advantage on some of
the immense climbs up soft earth and over tree roots and rocky outcrops.

Bou - 1st / 1st : "It certainly wasn't an easy
weekend, but of course, I am extremely happy to
take two wins here in Guatemala. There was a
certain amount of luck with me this weekend and
the bike performed perfectly, as did the team, so
everything came together as well as it possibly
could. I think I had a definite advantage with my
Montesa this weekend - it made the climbs very
predictable and of course, I am grateful for
that. After three wins, I must try to maintain my
concentration and momentum for the championship
because although I have been successful so far, I
know how quickly things can change. However, I
cannot imagine a better start to a season than this."

Fujinami - 2nd / 3rd : " This was a hard weekend
and Toni and Adam rode very well - they were very
hard to beat. Dougie was also very close on the
second day, with the same score for both of us,
but I had one more clean than him, so got the
podium place. I made too many mistakes to begin
with on the second day - too many for me and that
let Adam take second. The second lap was better
and getting onto the podium was very important
for me. Now the challenge is to see if I can stop Toni from winning!"

Lampkin - 4th / 4th : "The first day for me was
not so good, but Sunday was much better. We
adopted a different strategy and it clearly
worked. On Saturday, I had three fives on one lap
and on Sunday, none at all. But I must say I'm a
bit disappointed with only fourth, as I feel that
normally, a score of fourteen would have been
good enough for a win, rather than fourth place.
But to have four riders on such low scores, shows
just how competitive the championship is now."

Ladies World champion, Laia Sanz - Repsol Montesa
HRC had a difficult weekend, finishing seventh on
each of the two days, amid the heat and extremely
physical sections. "This was not such a good
weekend for me. My riding on Sunday was better
than Saturday, but I was so tired from the first
day that it was very difficult. The sections were
very hard work, but I felt happier with my riding."



1. Toni Bou (E-Montesa), 21 ;
2. Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa), 27 ;
3. Adam Raga (E-Gas Gas), 34 ;
4. Dougie Lampkin (GB-Montesa), 42 ;
5. Albert Cabestany (E-Sherco), 46 ;
6. Marc Freixa (E-Scorpa), 51 ;
7. Jeroni Fajardo (E-Beta), 57 ;
8. James Dabill (GB-Montesa), 85 ;
9. Daniel Oliveras (E-Sherco), 97 ;
10. Christophe Bruand (FRA-Sherco), 117 ;
11. Jerome Bethune (FRA-Beta), 118 ;
12. Tsuyoshi Ogawa (JPN-Montesa), 119 ;
13. Shaun Morris (GB-Gas Gas), 132 ;
14. Daniele Maurino (ITA-Gas Gas), 138


1. Toni Bou (E-Montesa), 5 ;
2. Adam Raga (E-Gas Gas), 8 ;
3. Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa), 14 (23x0) ;
4. Dougie Lampkin (GB-Montesa), 14 (22x0) ;
5. Marc Freixa (E-Scorpa), 35 ;
6. James Dabill (GB-Montesa), 37 ;
7. Albert Cabestany (E-Sherco), 38 ;
8. Jeroni Fajardo (E-Beta), 52 ;
9. Daniele Maurino (ITA-Gas Gas), 70 ;
10. Shaun Morris (GB-Gas Gas), 72 ;
11. Daniel Oliveras (E-Sherco), 78 ;
12. Christophe Bruand (FRA-Sherco), 97 ;
13. Tsuyoshi Ogawa (JPN-Montesa), 103 ;
14. Jerome Bethune (FRA-Beta), 119

World Championship positions after 2 rounds;
1. Bou, 60 ; 2. Raga, 49 ; 3. Fujinami, 45 ; 4.
Lampkin, 41 ; 5. Cabestany, 31 ; 6. Freixa, 29 ; 7. Dabill, 28 ;
8. Fajardo, 26 ; 9. Oliveras , 15 ; 10. Bethune,
14 ; 11. Morris, 13 ; 12. Bruand, 11 ; 13. Maurino, 10 ;
14. Ogawa, 7 ; 15. Pascuet, 6

Next event: 3rd round at Senez (France) on 27 May

Source: Honda Pro Image

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