Aprilia Announces an Innovative Lease Program

2007-05-02 15:14
Flexible terms, zero-down option opens door to Italian performance and style
for more qualified enthusiasts than ever before

Riding - even accessorizing - the world's most exclusive Italian motorcycles has never been easier, thanks to an innovative new lease program launched today by Aprilia USA. The program offers qualified enthusiasts flexible 24, 36 and 48 month lease terms on new 2007 on-road bikes motorcycles, without a down payment and in many cases for a lower monthly payment than a traditional installment loan. Customers can also include accessories with their Aprilia motorcycle lease.

Aprilia has never offered riders a more desirable lineup of new on-road and
off-road product choices. Whether intrigued by sporty scooters, race-bred
V-twin off-road bikes or high performance sport bikes, the company's new
model portfolio features the right choice for both first-timers and riding
veterans. With the addition of the new lease program, more enthusiasts than
ever can experience the passion and camaraderie of the Aprilia owner

Aprilia USA, in partnership with leasing expert Sparta Commercial Services,
developed the program in direct response to the needs of the nation's
growing segment of two-wheel enthusiasts. With motorcycle sales continuing
to increase across most categories, and more newcomers choosing motorcycling
as their next recreation adventure, introducing riders to the unique
character of the Aprilia brands is an important element of Piaggio Group
USA's market strategy.

"We believe that leasing has major appeal to riders who are interested in
high end Italian Motorcycles like Aprilia" says Mike Kull, vice president of
marketing for Aprilia. "Leasing provides the customer with a lot of
flexibility and options. They can upgrade to the newest models when the
lease is up, without the challenges of selling a used bike or haggling over
a trade-in."

Kull expects the lease program to be well-received by Aprilia customers,
whose demographic profiles match those of luxury and sports car buyers - a
group already predisposed to lease options for their automobile choices.
The advantages automobile customers have found in leasing translate well to
premium motorcycle customers. For example, leasing an Aprilia offers an
enthusiast the ability to enjoy the motorcycle during its 'prime' of life,
then replace it at the end of the lease-term with one of the all-new choices
the company has in its active product pipeline.

"This is a win-win scenario for our customers and our dealers," says Kull.
"The customer gets the advantage of owning a great Italian motorcycle with a
low monthly payment, and the dealer knows they will see that customer again
when the lease is up in just a few years."

Source: Aprilia USA

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