Italy conquers 2007 Six Day event to take World Trophy

2007-11-17 23:57
It was "Viva Italia" on the final day of the legendary Enduro Six Days event, staged in 2007 in La Serena, Chile, with the Italian squad, strongly supported by KTM's factory rider Alessandro Belometti taking the coveted World Trophy.

France, with an excellent contribution from KTM's Fabien Planet came in second and Sweden took the minor place. Finland, who looked certain to take one of the top three places to the halfway mark slipped off the podium after the untimely disqualification of last year's overall winner, KTM's Juha Salminen. Judges ruled Salminen out of the race after over enthusiastic supporters had assisted him pushing his disabled bike to one of the checkpoints.

In the Junior Trophy, one of the best indicators of tomorrow's Enduro champions, Spain took first place, with France and Finland taking the minor places, Finland having slipped past Australia on the final day of competition.

The race, often called the Olympics of Enduro motor sports took the riders over a whole range of terrain, from the desert coastal dunes of the Chilean coast into the more mountainous regions inland.

KTM riders were prominent in the top rankings of all E1, E2 and E3 categories. Jari Mattila of Finland and Britain's Tom Sagar were first and fourth in E1; Belometti was second behind the overall winner Johnny Aubert in the E2 category, while American Kurt Caselli and Marko Tarkkala dominated the big E3 bike class throughout the event and finished in first and second place respectively.

KTM Factory Team 2 just missed taking the Manufacturer's trophy, having to concede to Yamaha UFO Corse A on the final day. Third place was Yamaha Chile. the KTM-Acerbis support Team was on had to play an essential support role for competitors and teams during the entire event.

Organizers announced during the course of the competition that the event will be held in Greece in 2008.

World Trophy
1. Italy, 2. France, 3. Sweden
Junior Trophy
1. Spain, 2. France, 3. Finland
1. Yamaha UFO Corse A, 2. KTM factory Team 2, 3. Yamaha Chile 1

1. Jari Mattila, Finland, KTM
2. Cristóbal Guerrero, Spain, Yamaha
3. Alex Salvini, Italy, Yamaha
4. Tom Sagar, Britain, KTM
5. Maurizio Micheluz, Italy, Yamaha

1. Johnny Aubert, France,Yamaha, (overall winner)
2. Alessandro Belometti, Italy, KTM,
3. Joakim Ljunggren, Sweden, Husaberg,
4. Fabrizio Dini, Italy, Yamaha,
5. Jeremías Israel, Chile, Honda,

1. Kurt Caselli, USA, KTM
2. Marko Tarkkala, USA, Finland, KTM,
3. Fabien Planet, France, KTM
4. Alessandro Botturi, Italy, Honda
5. Valtteri Salonen, Finland, Husaberg)

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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