German GP shakes up order in Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup

2008-07-12 10:33
JD Beach combined excellent riding skill with capitalising on two spills by arch rival Luis Salom to steal victory at the Sachsenring in Germany and take the lead in the championship standings.

The American has a 15 point advantage but riders have to discount their worst score of the season. Salom, who fell twice on Saturday can drop this race and Beach can lose his eight points from Assen. This leaves a seven point advantage with two races at Brno to decide things. Beach fought a battle of attrition coming in ahead of 13-year-old Japanese Daijiro Hiura and 17-year-old Briton Matthew Hoyle. Germany's Daniel Kartheininger, 15, was just 1.5 seconds off the winning pace for fourth place.

Close race for front riders
The four riders exchanged places throughout what was certainly an exciting the race. "I couldn't get away from the guys and then later in the race the bike was sliding around quite a lot and I was just keeping it together," said Beach. "I saw three laps to go and then the next time round it was one and I thought I'd better get going. I was in front and just put my head down. "

Good race weekend for Huira
Hiura was happy enough with his second." It was a great race, I had a lot of work to do because I made a bad start but it was OK. I really tried to win but JD was so good in that last lap I just couldn't get close," he said. Hoyle on the other hand was frustrated with yet another minor podium place. But he does hold the lap record at Brno and was second there last season so his chances of a good result are high.

The race was a disappointment for Salom who has performed strongly throughout the season. He was taken out by Norwegian Sturla Fagerhaug who crashed in the first corner, rejoined the race but crashed again to register his first zero points of the season.

1. JD Beach, USA, KTM, 27:40.414
2. Daijiro Hiura, Japan, KTM, 27:40.615
3. Matthew Hoyle, Britain, KTM, 27:40.957
4. Daniel Kartheininger, Germany, KTM, 27:41.929
5. Nelson Major, France, KTM, 27:53.704

Championship standings
1. JD Beach 144 points
2. Luis Salom, Spain, 129
3. Sturla Fagerhaug, Norway, 97
4. Daijiro Hiura, Japan, 96
5. Nelson Major, France, 79

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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