Hiemer, KTM's S1 World Champion hero in 2008

2008-10-19 04:24
KTM S1 factory rider Bernd Hiemer of Germany got right into world championship mode in the first race of the final round of the 2008 competition on Sunday, sealing the S1 title then going on to take victory in the last GP of the season.

Hiemer exchanged his red number plate for the championship gold, added more silverware to his collection and following up his 2006 S2 World Championship with a very well-earned victory for him and his Italian-based team.

Title and GP victory to close a great season
Riders fought out their last battle on asphalt and sky section in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece and Hiemer opened his account with a third place in race one, securing enough points to take the title. Then freed from pressure in race two and determined to win under his own steam and wipe out any doubt in the minds of others after his rival Thierry van den Bosch was disqualified in one of the races in Busca, Italy he made a courageous move in lap five and took on the Frenchman on the corner. He then settled down to open up an impressive lead while riders behind him fought a battle of attrition for the minor championship places which included a race incident between Thomas Chareyre and van den Bosch. As a result Hiemer was able to slap another 45 points onto his season's total of 319 points, 32 ahead of his arch rival. "I want to continue with KTM," Bernd said. "It was a fantastic season, full of satisfactions, with fantastic technicians and managers, ans a real Italianwinning family.

Hiemer shows consistency and determination
Above all, Hiemer's season was characterized by consistency, maturity and determination as he pressed on with increasing confidence as the season advanced. Of the 16 individual races, he won three, was second 6 times and took four third places.

KTM Racing congratulates Bernd Hiemer and the entire team on winning the 2008 S1 World Championship title.

Results final S1 GP
1. Bernd Hiemer, Germany, KTM 20-25—45
2. Thierry van den Bosch, France, Aprilia, 22-20—42
3. Ivan Lazzarini, Italy, Aprilia, 18-22—40
4. Matthew Winstanley, Britain, KTM. 15-18—33
5. Thomas Chareyre, France, Husqvarna, 25-3—28

Final Championship Standings
1. Bernd Hiemer, Germany, KTM 319 (World Champion 2008)
2. Thierry van den Bosch, France, Aprilia, 287
3. Ivan Lazzarini, Italy, Aprilia, 287
4. Thomas Chareyre, France, Husqvarna, 269
5. Matthew Winstanley, Britain, KTM, 208

Manufacturer's title
1. Aprilia, 348 points
2. KTM, 323
3. Husqvarna, 291

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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