Red Bull KTM's Factory Racing's Steffi Laier Women's MX World Champion

2009-08-30 02:24
Steffi Laier of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing team has been hungry for the world championship title all season. On Saturday she satisfied that hunger for the ultimate crown by taking the world title with still one moto to go.

Uncharacteristically, on Saturday Laier finished the first moto in second place in on the sandy track at Lierop, Netherlands. She had taken the holeshot and looked set for another spectacular win when a small mistake in the latter part of the race allowed season debutant, the 15-year old Chiara Fontanesi to slip through and take the race. Laier however could be well satisfied with her result and was then able to go into the final moto on Sunday morning with the title already in her pocket.

Dramatic second moto
Steffi added a little drama to the second moto even if she ultimately went out in style as the absolute winner by an impressive 19 seconds. Mid race, when well in the lead, she came unstuck in the soft and tricky sand, crashed and lost 11 seconds and slipped back two places in the order. She then powered her way back into the race in the style that has made her the champion and was presented with the gold number plate for her efforts.

Pre race nerves
"I really wanted to win this last race," Steffi said in the finish area, admitting that on Saturday she was rather nervous prior to taking the title. "Yesterday wasn't so good because I made some mistakes. Today I also made a bad mistake in the middle of the race but I was able to come back and win. So it's a great weekend for me and I am very happy."

Laier wins frist 7-round World Championship
The 2009 season saw the women's championship, inaugurated in 2008, extended to seven rounds. Laier won nine races and was placed either second or third in the remaining four. The only race where she was not featured was when she was disqualified in the first moto when an official inadvertently helped her right the bike after a crash.

Although the season has been a dream one for the German racer, the loss of her main competitor and the 2008 title holder Livia Lancelot through injury half way through the season made Laier's job easier. The two women were both hard opponents on the track and at the time of the French rider's untimely shoulder injury, Laier said she was sad that she would not be competing against the hard riding Lancelot for the title. Laier, who has been a full factory rider for the Red Bull KTM Factory Team since the beginning of the 2009 season, is now the sole rider to have won both in the former FIM Women's World Cup and in the FIM Women's World Championship.

KTM congratulates Steffi Laier; wins Manufacturer's title
The entire Orange international family congratulate World champion Steffi Laier and the Red Bull KTM Factory team on yet another world championship title for the Austrian manufacturer. KTM also won the manufacturer's World championship title ahead of Suzuki and Kawasaki.

Results Final GP (Seven Rounds)
1. Steffi Laier, Germany, KTM, 22-25—47
2. Chiara Fontanesi, Italy, Yamaha, 25-22—47
3. Larissa Papenmeier, Germany, Suzuki, 20-18—38
4. Nathalie Kane, Ireland, Suzuki, 16-20--36
5. Marianne Veenstra, Netherlands, Suzuki 18-14--32

Final Standings
1. Steffi Laier, Germany, KTM, World Champion, 308 points
2. Larissa Pappenmeier, Germany, Suzuki, 262
3. Nathalie Kane, Ireland, Suzuki, 230
4. Maria Franke, Germany, 223
5. Elin Mann, Sweden, KTM, 214

Manufacturers Standings
1. KTM, 324 points
2. Suzuki, 275
3. Kawasaki, 274
4. Yamaha, 206
5. Honda, 169

Steffi Laier Women's Motocross Champion 2009: Fact Facts
Team: Red Bull KTM Factory Racing
Start Number 110
Born: Heidelberg, Germany
Marital status: Single
Hobbies: Water Skiing, go-kart, music
First Race: 1992
Bike: KTM 250 SX-F
2005: Victory in first edition of the FIM Women's World Cup
2006: Second in World Cup by just 7 points
2007: Twelfth in injury plagued Cup season
2008: Second in first ever FIM World Championship
Winter 2008/2009: Joined Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team
August 2009 Wraps up 2009 World Championship title with one moto to go.

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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