US Motocross Lites Series: 11th round Southwick, MA

2009-08-31 00:35
Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM rider Tommy Searle finished 6th overall in the second consecutive mud race of the season at the Southwick Motocross Park.

Searle had a poor start in the first moto finishing the first lap in 20th position. He charged hard on the one-lined track and passed through the riders ahead of him eventually climbing to an impressive 9th place finish in the first moto. His second moto started significantly better with an 8th place start. He passed Alex Martin for 7th and then inherited 6th place when Jake Weimer crashed. Searle eventually finished 6th that moto for 6th overall on the day.

Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM riders Wil Hahn and Ryan Sipes had up and down results. Sipes had a great start in the first moto rounding the first lap in 5th. He held that position for three laps before he slid out in the mud. Sipes bump-started his bike only to fall over again at the next turn. The second time he had some trouble starting his KTM and was a lap down before he recovered. He eventually finished in 25th position. Hahn started the first moto in 21st, held a steady pace and eventually worked up to 14th.

In moto two, Hahn and Sipes were both within the top five off the start. Hahn moved up as high as 3rd position before dropping to 7th. Unfortunately on the sixth lap he fell down and lost a lap before returning to the racing action. He eventually finished 34th. His teammate, Sipes, was more fortunate and was able to stay up front the second moto. He rode a remarkable race finishing 5th overall. Sipes second moto performance was also worthy of the $500 Muscle Milk Recovery award.

Race 1
1 151 Justin Barcia Honda
2 10 Ryan Dungey Suzuki
3 61 Blake Wharton Honda
4 24 Bret Metcalfe Honda
5 981 Austin Stroupe Kawasaki
9 123_Tommy_Searle KTM
14 50_Wil_Hahn KTM

Race 2
1 411 Tyla Rattray Kawasaki
2 24 Bret Metcalfe Honda
3 151 Justin Barcia Honda
4 10 Ryan Dungey Suzuki
5 31_Ryan_Sipes KTM
9 123_Tommy_Searle KTM
14 50_Wil_Hahn KTM

1 10 Ryan Dungey Suzuki 459
2 377 Christophe Pourcel Kawasaki 442
3 24 Bret Metcalfe Honda 352
4 19 Jake Weimer Kawasaki 322
5 151 Justin Barcia Honda 312
6 123_Tommy_Searle KTM 309
17 50_Wil_Hahn KTM 104
23 31_Ryan_Sipes KTM 48
26 577_Martin_Davalos KTM 28

Jagermeister/MDK/KTM rider Justin Brayton had a great first moto start, nearly grabbing the holeshot. A few turns into the moto he got stuck in a berm and lost approximately ten positions. He eventually recovered and started from 10th position. He passed by two riders and finished 8th for the moto.

A bad start in the second moto had Brayton in the bottom twenties off the start. Halfway through the race he had worked his way up to 18th, passed David Millsaps, and then crashed with only five minutes to go. This crash set him way back and he was only able to recover up to 25th position by the moto end.

"Considering the conditions, I am okay with the results. Our riders rode strong in both motos, and at the end of the day, nobody is hurt. With only one round left, we hope to see some podium results next weekend at Steel City," commented Team Manager Danny Paladino.

Results 450 Motocross Class
1. Matt Goerke (6-1)
2. Michael Byrne (3-3)
3. John Dowd (10-2)
4. Thomas Hahn (9-4)
5. Robby Marshall (5-7)

Points 450 Motocross Class
1. Chad Reed - 459
2. Andrew Short - 356
3. Ivan Tedesco - 338
4. Michael Byrne - 316
5. Josh Grant - 280
7. Justin Brayton - 214

Next Event: Steel City - Delmont, PA - September 5, 2009

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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