KTM mourns the passing of Hans Trunkenpolz

2009-09-01 01:24
The news of the completely unexpected death of Hans Trunkenpolz has been received by KTM with dismay and sadness.

The 65-year old died on Sunday following a heart attack suffered during a half marathon in Altötting, Bavaria. Hans Trunkenpolz retired in December 2008 following a professional life dedicated to motor sport and to KTM. The son of the company founder was himself a successful motor sports enthusiast as well as having discovered and nurtured motocross champion Heinz Kinigadner.

He led KTM to eight successive victories in the Dakar Rally, which transformed KTM into the dominant brand in rally sport. Even after he left the company, as well as remaining closely connected to the brand and with motor sport, he was a passionate and well trained runner who was known for his competitiveness and sporting ambition.

KTM above all mourns the loss of a wonderful human being. Our sympathy goes to the family of the unforgettable"Trupo".

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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