25 Years Of Ninja Power And Glory

2009-09-04 12:39
Few motorcycles gain legendary status from the very outset but in 1984 the Ninja GPz900R rewrote the rulebook about what a production bike could be.

In doing so it ushered in nothing less than a whole new era of sports motorcycling.

The original Ninja’s 900cc engine produced more power than most of its 1000cc plus rivals and its dynamic performance on the road was simply a leap ahead of the rest.

Since that landmark moment Kawasaki has produced an entire series of class-leading motorcycles under the prestigious Ninja banner, a series that now celebrates its 25th anniversary at the Nürburgring World Superbike weekend.

The unbroken line of Ninja excellence continues right through to today, with the Ninja 250R, launched in 2008, allowing a younger mass market audience to take its rightful place in the Ninja hall of fame. In addition, the Ninja ZX-10R claimed first place, and the all-new Ninja ZX-6R a narrow second, in the internationally acclaimed ‘Supertest’ this year.

A quarter of a century after its introduction, the name Ninja has become not only synonymous with the Kawasaki brand; it is now a byword for sporting excellence. Kawasaki confirms, with pride, that it will continue to expand the series even further, all the while adhering to the heritage and principles of the modern-day legend that has grown up around the very name ‘Ninja’.

Nürburgring: Special Liveries

To celebrate the Ninja’s 25th anniversary, Kawasaki’s World Superbike Racing Team and the World Supersport Provec Motocard.com Kawasaki Team will race in special liveries this weekend.

The riders of both teams have taken part in a photo shoot with their race bikes and some of the legendary GPz900R Ninja street bikes. Some of these pictures are on-line with this story now and more pictures will be made available on Kawasaki-racingteam.eu over the course of the Nürburgring race weekend.

Source: Kawasaki Racing Team

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