2009-09-12 12:03
Practice and qualification for the Grand Prix of Brazil, the 15th and final round of the 2009 FIM MX1 World Championship, was cancelled after a deluge of rainfall for the majority of Saturday morning washed-out the Canelinha circuit.

Teka Suzuki World MX1 riders Ken De Dycker and Steve Ramon will have to hold fire on their RM-Z450s until a 30 minute session Sunday morning for their positions in the start gate and to also lap the Brazilian course for the first time.

The reddened terrain of the track - making its inauguration as a World Championship venue - had been formed into a jumpy and aerial prospect but the excessive showers caused the soil to retain water and become boggy in places. A decision was made by race officials in the interests of safety and preservation for Sunday's races.

"It is a bit of a shame not to get out there," said De Dycker, winner of the last GP in Holland and currently vying for third place in the series. "The track looks interesting though, and with all the jumps it will be a busy lap. The rain was a bit too much in the end but we can only hope the conditions tomorrow will not make things worse."

"The track looks pretty good but with so many jumps it will be hard to pass," said Steve Ramon, aiming for his second podium of the season. "The take-offs of the jumps will be tricky because they will be so rutty with the soft track. It would have been good to try it today but now we must wait until the morning."

The forecast is variable for tomorrow and the last race-day of the six month could still face more ominous skies.

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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