R.I.P. Rudy Monjaraz

2009-10-22 08:12
Some of you might or mighnt not know that my Dad Rudy (Owner of R.I.S. Designs) Passed away unexpectedly on Oct.7th.. Since then we had closed the Main Hub of our Facility to be with the family during a tragic time like this since we are a family owned business and have been since 1993... This Monday was our 1st day back to work and it has been very hard to deal with it still being fresh on our minds... My dad Rudy was an amazing person and always kept his family very close... It's very hard writing this email because you have no idea how much my impact you had in us and the whole industry.. He loved coming into work everyday designing parts which me and him did together, taking his harley out for a ride, going to the sand dunes, but most importantly seeing the the motorcycle industry all our dealers and customers are like family to us.. My dad always emphazied FAMILY... He always kept us as humble people and just do the best we can but to always treat people right.. and with his words of wisdom everyday, he has kept R.I.S. Designs as a family business for 16 years... I can say I am very proud to me the image of my father... He was my life and my best friend and will continue to be always... It still hasn't hit me yet that my dad is gone.. Me and my dad always talked about if something like this were to ever happen... But who knew this quick and unexpectedly... He loved this Industry so much and he had so much passion and hard work he would put in day in and day out.. just to keep this industry going... He was just a simple type of guy...

R.I.S. Designs will continue to fly strong....We are very busy right now and have our 2010 scheduled booked already with shows, events, etc... We are getting ready to release our 2010 Price sheets next month to all you dealers... We are back to our 20hrs/Days 6 days a week on the machines... Our main facility is back to normal hours as well... I will be taking over the business 100% along with my mom Sandy...my brother Tony ...and my sister Crystal.. and our staff of 14 employees will also be with us as well... THIS FAMILY STICKS TOGETHER!!

We really appreciate your understanding during the time we were closed ... The services for my dad were held Oct.12 which was the viewing we had over 500+ attend some dealers who flew as far as puerto rico to be with the family and pay their respects... and Oct.13 which was the mass which had over 300+... My dad was cremated on Oct.15th and will have 1/2 of his ashes scattered at GLAMIS Sand Dunes on Nov. 25th.. That was his favorite place to be at and his choice for his ashes.. The other 1/2 of the ashes will be layed to rest within a month... Our family was very overwhelmed with all the love and support from both days... I also want to thank ALL the EMAILS, PHONE CALLS, and FLOWERS from you the dealers sending their condolenses to our family..THANK YOU SO MUCH...

Source: R.I.S. Designs

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