Lascorz Fifth In Qualifying

2009-10-25 03:19
Joan Lascorz was only 0.325 seconds from pole in qualifying at Portimao, and now starts from the second row of the grid, in fifth place.

Katsuaki Fujiwara was unfortunate to suffer a crash in the middle of the qualifying session, which conspired to drop him down the pre-race order. He now starts from the third row, having set the 12th best time of the lone qualifying session.

Both Lascorz and Fujiwara had put their names at the top of the qualifying leader board at one time, before other riders upped their pace.

The overall track conditions at Portimao have improved greatly over the past two days, allowing times to drop in the strong winter sunshine in Portugal and that good weather is expected to continue on raceday.

Joan Lascorz: “Better to be on row one than row two but another rider followed me around and then set a faster time. The balance of the bike is good, the engine is strong and all we have to do now is sort out the final settings on the front forks to be ready to race. Whatever we change will be a little change and the track is in good condition now. We know the tyres we will use so we are ready for tomorrow.”

Katsuaki Fujiwara: “I had a crash in the middle of the qualifying session and lost some time. I had just changed the settings and it felt better, but maybe it was not so good for front grip. So we will go back a bit on the settings, somewhere between where we started and what we have now. I did not test last week so we have not had the same track time as some people, but we will be ready to race.”

Source: Kawasaki Racing Team

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