Minor defect stops Marc Marquéz

2009-10-25 03:20
After a great start into today's Malaysian Grand Prix, Red Bull KTM 125 rider Marc Marquéz was battling within the top group of riders for most of the distance, but missed out on a possible podium finish when his bike stopped seven laps from the end.

The 16-year-old Spaniard had taken the lead on the opening lap and held second position behind newly crowned world champion Julian Simon until lap four before Simon and Bradley Smith broke away from the pack. Marc Marquéz' fight continued in the next group of riders, where he battled it out with Pol Espargaro and Sandro Cortese for the third place on the podium, until he ran through the gravel bed at the end of the long start and finish straight with a dead engine.

"Up until then, my bike was working really well. I only had a little problem with throttle control in the first moment of opening the gas in the corner, but during the race I changed my line to adjust the problem and everything went well - until the bike stopped," said Marquéz. "But we won't give up and try again at the last race in Valencia. Valencia is close to my home, and I think we will be able to finish the season on a high note."

Team-mate Cameron Beaubier made it to the chequered flag in 17th place.
"Everyone got wild and crazy like always in the first corner. I tried to take things more easy this time, as I didn't want to crash again", he said. "By mid-race I lost a few positions. I tried to fight my way back step by step, but I struggled so much with my bike in the fast, long corners. Nothing was working for me, I didn't feel comfortable, I was missing traction and was driving all alone. But one positive thing is that I managed to finish the race!"

After the race, team director Harald Bartol detected a minor defect on Marc Marquez' bike. "It's almost as if the weekend had started too well for us, with Marc taking top positions in every practice session. Then bad luck caught up with us in the race: The fuel connection came off, therefore the fuel supply was interrupted, and the engine seized!"

Results 125cc MotoGP Sepang
1. Julian Simon, Spain, Aprilia, 42'50.916
2. Bradley Smith, England, Aprilia, 42'52.030
3. Pol Espargaro, Spain, Derbi, 42'57.209
4. Sergio Gadea, Spain, Aprilia, 42'58.919
5. Nicolas Terol, Spain, Aprilia, 42'59.401

17. Cameron Beaubier, USA, KTM, 43'58.047
Marc Marquez, Spain KTM, DNF

Championship Standings
1. Julian Simon, Spain, 264 points
2. Bradley Smith, England, 203,5 points
3. Nicolas Terol, Spain, 173,5 points
4. Pol Espargaro, Spain, 158,5 points
5. Sergio Gadea, Spain, 141 points

8. Marc Marquez, Spain, 94 points
29. Cameron Beaubier, 3 points

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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