Öhlins Hyper FGK Kit and TTX Shock Deal for Hyper-Sportbikes!

2009-10-26 02:24
No joke. An Öhlins TTX shock, and an FGK 25 mm fork kit installed, for $1,999.00. That’s the deal offered by Öhlins USA until the end of December, or as long as supplies last. This is more than a 60% discount, including installation.

This special Racing Stimulus promotion from Öhlins USA, for hyper-sportbikes, includes kits and shocks for nearly all sportbikes from 600 cc to 1000 cc, from all Japanese brands to Ducati and Triumph’s 675s. Supplies are limited.

Kits installed in the fork legs, and a shock in a box, all for a one-time-only discount. Take advantage of this limited-time offer to fit your bike with the world’s number-one, record-setting, race-winning, championship-deciding suspension components. Öhlins suspension components are designed to bring out the best in a bike, giving the rider unequalled feel and control for the ultimate in confidence.

To place an order call Öhlins USA: 828-692-4525. Refer to FGK promotion.

Source: Öhlins USA

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