2009 FIM Biennial Session

2009-10-27 16:44
The 2009 FIM Biennial Session took place from 22 to 26 October, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel near Geneva
Airport. The meeting of the Sporting Commissions’ Presidents, the FIM Sports Director and the Sporting
Coordinators was held on Thursday afternoon, the Management Council convened on Friday 23 and
Sunday 25 afternoon, the Commission and Panels on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25. The General Assembly
opened on Monday 26 in the presence of representatives of 65 National Federations.

In his opening address, President Vito Ippolito made a report on the FIM activities during the 2009
season; the report was approved by the General Assembly, as well as the 2008 accounts and 2010
budget. The annual reports of the Presidents of the Continental Unions, Commissions and Panels were
also approved.

- During a groundbreaking General Assembly meeting, the national federations were consulted on a set of governance principles that will see the separation of governance and management bodies, the establishment of a separate corporate entity to manage its commercial activities and expansion of its associated membership to include industry, media and non-government organisations. New statutes enacting these principles will be drafted and presented to the General Assembly for approval at the 2010 FIM Congress in Macau. Congratulations and applause were extended to the Management Council for the transparency with which this process had been conducted.

- At an operational level, each of the sporting and non sporting Commissions and Panels undertook a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and action plans were initiated in the focus areas of leisure, social responsibility, expansion and development of the FIM membership.

- 3 news federations were accepted: Jordan, Tajikistan and Honduras. In 2010 the FIM will be comprised of 101 National Federations.

- The 2009 FIM Environmental Award was awarded to the Canastra Team from Brazil for its impressive and great work carried out for many years in the Rally dos Sertões. With multiple environmental goals and a clear effect on the sport and the community, the example given by Canastra Team and its volunteers must inspire the organisers to take into account environmental issues and build sustainable events.

A special mention was also given by the Jury to Motorcycling Australia (MA) for its continuing efforts to develop sustainable practices throughout our sport and the excellent measures already taken in favour of the environment in its national events.

- Until internal dispute between two Egyptian national federations are settled, the Management Council has decided not to inscribe the Pharaohs Rally in the 2010 FIM calendar.

- The agreement between the FIM and ABC Communication for the FIM Enduro World Championship will be renewed until 2014. The FIM regains the commercial rights for the FIM International Six Days’ Enduro as from 2010.

The Commissions and Panels had their working meetings on Saturday and Sunday except the Road Racing Commission meeting which will take place on Monday 9 November in Cullera (Spain).

The main decisions and modifications for the 2010 season as well as the 2010 calendars will be
communicated shortly.

Source: FIM

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