Heroes of Legend Rally 2009

2009-11-09 07:46
The Contiger Rally-Team wins in the overall team-valuation!

Despite a difficult start, numerous technical and physical problems and technical defects that could have meant the end of the rally for our team Helly and Chris were able to win the team-valuation with admirable staying-power and incomparable ambition! In addition to that BOTH riders are under the overall Top-3!

Overall victory for the Contiger Rally-Team in the team-valuation!

Single: Helly 2nd place and Chris 3rd place!

Our special thank besides all supporters goes to our sponsors who made the start in this unique rally possible! We also want to thank all who believed in our project und who have wished luck on us!We are looking forward to the healthy return of our successful riders and the technician, Christian Plaschg.The DVD of the winner-team will be available soon in limited edition! You can preorder one via rally-team@gmx.at!

You can also do a preorder at the Welcome-Back-Party at Wednesday, November 11th at Bollwerk Graz!

November 7th, 11:54 a.m.: It's becoming quite serious now!!
Helly and Chris just before the finishline in Dakar!Invention for the Welcome-Back-Party is available now!

November 6th, 10:48 p.m.
Chris wins the penultimate stage and with that already triumphs in a stage for the second time! Helly an Chris now both under Top-3 again, team-class second place for the Contiger-Rallyteam!On today's stage Helly as well as Christian had technical problems. Nevertheless Chris was able to reach thesensational first place today and is now back under the Top-3 again.Overall Helly 2nd, Chris 3rd!

November 6th, 2:50 p.m.: Live-News: Chris reports via sattelite-telephone
Benzin was the cause for yesterday's stop, today both cooling-fans without function - Temperature-problems for rider and bike

"The bike didn't arrive at the camp before midnight, Christian Plaschg worked until 6 in the morning to get the machine ready for today! Finally we found out, that yesterday's trouble seems to have been caused by bad fuel... Today we really started last-minute and in addition to that both cooling-fans of my bike failed to work, so that I had a permanent temperature-problem. Todays stage physically was not less exhausting than yesterday's, therefore the engine wasn't the only one to get in trouble because of heat. We will see, what today's score says..."As expected Christian today is overall 5th after yesterday's problems. Helly is overall second at the moment! Now we have to wait for the results of today. Yesterday Helly broke down because of exhaustion after having passed the finish-line and it took him some time to recover!Chris had to fight against dehydrogenation because of his long stop in the blazing sun. Fortunately both riders fully recovered and were ab le totake part in today's stage - at least physically - without any trouble.

November 6th, 1:55 p.m.: Chris' bike is running again!
We can hope, that they will reach good results today!

November 5th, 9:43 p.m.: Quite a desaster, but it could have been even worse
Chris' 660 Rally broke down in the middle of the desert at a felt temperature of 55°C after it had started to make trouble just after the start... Troubleshooting for hours made a water-delivery by helicopter necessary. Extremely annoying, because more than 1000pt. of winning margin actually would have been more than enough safety-reserve to realize the overall-victory...

After this stage Helly is on place 2 mathematically, Chris on position 5. - Why Chris is still overall-leader with the old score according to the E-Track website is not fully known until now.

The sensation-series won't break! After todays stage on the circuit Akjoujt Chris is overall leader again! Helly has now reached the second place overall! With that we have a Contiger-Rallyteam doube-leadership at the Heroes Legend!

November 4th, 11:50 a.m.
The stage of today can be compared to a circuit... About 90kph average-speed! Details as usual will follow in the evening after our riders have reached the finish!

November 3rd, 08:38 p.m.: Chris is overall second after todays stage.
Helly still stable on pos. 7!Helly won todays stage with only 454 penalty-points, closely behind him Chris with 461 points! - Our riders left a clear gap to todays 3rd, Verzijl Wout, who got 665 penalty-points."Today's navigation-task ran over more than 500km and the connections between checkpoints were real offroad-stages... More than 40°C of heat, physical exhaustion due to apparently endless speed-sections that are interrupted by extremely challenging passages really demand a great deal of our riders!"

November 2nd, 08.57 a.m.: Today's stage 8 leads Helly and Chris to Mauretania into the Western-Sahara. Already in the morning heavy sandstorm...
Today's stage was cancelled from valuation because of serious problems concerning the crossing of the border to Mauretania!

November 1st, 10:12 p.m.
Many riders fell victim to todays Stage 7. from Laayoune to Dakhla. After that there are only about 50% of all competitors left.
"Today Helly reached Top-3 for the first time and was 2nd-best rider of the day! Chris reached position 7 in today's stage!The over 700km long distance overstrained many riders with sharp dunes and difficult sand-areas, so that after the stage there are only about 50 per cent of riders left."
Overall-results after stage 7: Chris 3rd, Helly 7th

October 31st, 09:40 p.m.
The results after todays, 500km long stage
"The start was delayed multiple times today, because there was a tragic fatal accident in this stage last year and today the helicopter was grounded for hours because of low visibility. At today's stage 6 Chris and Helly reached midfield-results and after that Chris is overall 3rd and Helly overall 10th now"

October 30th, 8:51 p.m.
With the best run of all OPEN class riders Christian today catapulted himself to the top of the field, leaving Rob Kiewiet and Jean-Philippe Foray behind him!Helly got the second-best results of today and closed the gap by reaching position 8 after today's stage from Tata to Guelmine. So he has successfully joined the Top-10!
"Chris experienced a few shocking moments today, when the bike nearly crashed down a rocky flank of a hill! Out of a sudden stones dissolved from the ground and caused an extremely unstable situation! Today the majority of riders had serious navigational-problems!"

Oktober 29th, 11:31 p.m.
Many riders left the race today at the way from Zagora to Tata. Many crashes, that fortunately were mostly not that harmful seemed to be standard today... - Also Chris and Helly did not escape without ground-contact, but nevertheless Chris sensationally is on overall position 3 after todays stage 4! Helly at the moment is on position 12.

October 29th, 11:30 a.m.
The GPS-Speeds of Helly an Chris let us expect nice results for today!
Considering the fact, that it takes some moments until the GPS-Logger offers speed-data and therefore it more or less gives only "average-speeds", those data is really not bad...!
Link: http://www.followmap.com/hl09/main/Main.aspx

28th October
Chris on position 6, Helly fighting against his very average first-stage results
After stage 3 Chris is on position 6 and Helly on 14. Helly's moderate result in stage 1 makes a spectacular catch-up race necessary. Chris runs constantly good and is placed well amongst the first third of the field until now.

26th and 27th October
Helly is the leader at all Speed-Stages, Chris started from pos. 7 today.
"While there were many losses amongst the bikes and numerous, partly severe crashes, Chris started from position 7 today, but still had to fight against technical problems concerning his KTM. Helly finished all speed-stages as the fastest rider! Despite a broken fuel-connector he was able to reach the finish first today...
At todays 27th October the path was very sandy and extremely hot. Chris finally reached the finish without any light in the darkness!"

October 25th, 21:23 p.m.
Reached the ferry in time + expectations for tomorrow
Our riders reached the ferry in time, but had trouble with a broken charge-controller in Chris' Rally 660... Tomorrow's stage will bring a lot of Action and extremely fast passages!

October 24th, 23:59 p.m.
Prolog and connection-stage to the ferry.
Today they had to run the prolog. Mano bikes did not start, because the conditions were irregular in some areas because of enduring rain before the prolog. The riders accepted penalty points. The circuit was parially flooded and there were many mud-holes. Chris and Helly have not had and trouble and reached the finish - dirty but unharmed.

Connection-Stage to Almeria/Spain
"After the prolog we started to Almeria via night connection-stage to reach the ferry in time. At 11p.m. Chris' KTM caused some trouble and we had to do a technical stop in the darkness. Until midnight we continued riding and wil now have four hours to sleep. Then the mechanics will carry on repairing the bike, so that we will hopefully reach the ship in time."

October 23rd, 11:45 p.m.
News from the techn. acc. test and others
"Today technical acceptance-test, worked all over the day and installed the etrack-system. Ernst and Christian had a lot to modify and the riders had to do a giant amount of paperwork. Helly got the illustrious No. "46" and Chris will take the race carrying No. "146". Tomorrow prolog and then we're gonna reach South of Spain during a night-stage to the ferry."

October 22nd, 8:55 p.m.
Helly and Chris report about the start in Paris
"Today the race started in Paris! Meeting place was the Parc Floral. The first challange was the ride to the Eiffel Tower through heavy traffic and 1000 redlights. After the start it goes to Ales in southern France, where the technical acceptance test is finished and the prolog for the starting-grid begins. It may be a bit strange, because today we already had freezing winds in the morning, 20°C at 12.00 and now driving rain on the way to Ales!"

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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