2009-11-09 07:46
Matt Moss and Team Rockstar Motul Suzuki continued their domination of the 2009 Australasian Super X Lites Championship with another maximum points haul at Canberra Stadium.

Moss dominated the first and third finals in Canberra, where the series adopted the cut-throat triple challenge format: Three eight lap finals with only five minutes between each event had all teams on the limiter and produced the closest racing so far this season.

Moss's scintillating speed in qualifying scored him a start in the top-10 shootout against the bigger 450cc open class machines. Moss showed his speed and raw talent in the shootout recording the second fastest time.

In the first leg of the triple challenge Moss grabbed the holeshot with Team Shift Motul Suzuki Development's Lawson Bopping close behind. The Suzuki pair ran line astern for the remainder of the final. Bopping tried his hardest and pushed Moss all the way, but at the finish, Moss was 1.4 seconds ahead.

The second final started true to type, with Moss grabbing the holeshot again. However, he was swamped exiting the first turn and in some tough, physical racing, found himself demoted to fourth. From there he showed the maturity that secured him the 2009 National Motocross Pro Lite Championship, knowing he had to secure only a high points haul to maintain his lead. He did so with remarkable poise, eventually coming in third.

The third final started in dramatic fashion with a rider jumping the start. In the confusion that followed Luke Styke grabbed the holeshot and a big lead, with Moss close behind. Moss eased his way into first place on lap three, and by lap four was showing a clean pair of heels to the rest of the field. Moss took the win with Bopping putting in a strong performance to claim second.

By claiming the overall round win Moss has continued his perfect season with four wins from as many rounds. He has 100 points and a commanding 22-point lead with only two Pro Lite rounds remaining.

In front of his home crowd Bopping secured his second podium finish in as many weeks and now sits clear in second position on 78 points.

Fellow Suzuki rider Adam Monea (SP Motorsport / Byrners Suzuki) unfortunately suffered his worst round of the season, with crashes in both the first and third finals. After strong results in the first three rounds, Monea still sits in the top 10 and will be looking for better luck - and results - at round five.

Matt Moss:

"That was some really tough racing out there tonight, with lots of close, physical racing. We always expected it to get closer as the season starts coming down to the wire. The new RM-Z250 was great thanks to my mechanics who did a great job getting it ready for me."

Lawson Bopping:

"That was awesome to perform so well in front of my home crowd. Two podiums in two weeks, and I'm confident there's more to come if I keep my head down."

Jay Foreman - Team Manager:

"That was the toughest racing so far. The new fuel injected Suzuki RM-Z250 came through again and we've been able to give Matt a terrific platform to show off his talent. We're just where we wanted to be with two rounds to go and we've set ourselves up with a great opportunity to defend the title."

Round 4 - 2009 Australasian Supercross Championship Results:

Pro Lites:

Final 1: 1 Matt MOSS (Suzuki RM-Z250), 2 Lawson BOPPING (Suzuki RM-Z250), 3 Kirk GIBBS (Yamaha), 4 Ryan MARMONT (Yamaha), 5 Luke STYKE (Yamaha), 6 Lewis WOODS (Kawasaki), 7 Danny ANDERSON (KTM), 8 Brenden HARRISON (Yamaha), 9 Taylor POTTER (KTM), 10 Luke ARBON (Kawasaki).

Final 2: 1 Kyle CUNNINGHAM (Yamaha), 2 Brenden HARRISON (Yamaha), 3 Matt MOSS (Suzuki RM-Z250), 4 Ryan MARMONT (Yamaha), 5 Luke STYKE (Yamaha), 6 Danny ANDERSON (KTM), 7 Lewis WOODS (Kawasaki), 8 Taylor POTTER (KTM), 9 Jarryd McNEIL (Honda), 10 Michael MENCHI (Suzuki RM-Z250), 11 Lawson BOPPING (Suzuki RM-Z250).

Final 3: 1 Matt MOSS (Suzuki RM-Z250), 2 Lawson BOPPING (Suzuki RM-Z250), 3 Kyle CUNNINGHAM (Yamaha), 4 Ryan MARMONT (Yamaha), 5 Luke STYKE (Yamaha), 6 Kirk GIBBS (Yamaha), 7 Brenden HARRISON (Yamaha), 8 Luke ARBON (Kawasaki), 9 Geran STAPLETON (Honda), 10 Luke DAVIS (Yamaha).

Championship standings: 1 Matt MOSS 100, 2 Lawson BOPPING 78, 3 Ryan MARMONT 75, 4 Kyle CUNNINGHAM 75, 5 Brenden HARRISON 59, 6 Kirk GIBBS 56, 7 Lewis WOODS 47, 8 Danny ANDERSON 46, 9 Adam MONEA 46, 10 Luke ARBON 36.

Pro Open:

Final 1:1 Chad REED (Kawasaki), 2 Jay MARMONT (Yamaha), 3 Jeremy McGRATH (Honda), 4 Dan REARDON (Honda), 5 Daniel McCOY (KTM), 6 Tye SIMMONDS (KTM), 7 Cameron TAYLOR (Suzuki RM-Z450), 8 Craig ANDERSON (Kawasaki), 9 Michael BYRNE (Honda), 10 Troy CARROLL (Kawasaki).

Final 2: 1 Chad REED (Kawasaki), 2 Daniel McCOY (KTM), 3 Jay MARMONT (Yamaha), 4 Tye SIMMONDS (KTM), 5 Dan REARDON (Honda), 6 Michael BYRNE (Honda), 7 Cody MACKIE (Kawasaki), 8 Cameron TAYLOR (Suzuki RM-Z450), 9 Craig ANDERSON (Kawasaki), 10 Troy CARROLL (Kawasaki).

Final 3: 1 Jay MARMONT (Yamaha), 2 Cheyne BOYD (Yamaha), 3 Michael BYRNE (Honda), 4 Daniel McCOY (KTM), 5 Dan REARDON (Honda), 6 Troy CARROLL (Kawasaki), 7 Jeremy McGRATH (Honda), 8 Todd WATERS (Honda), 9 Craig ANDERSON (Kawasaki), 10 Michael ADDISON (Honda).

Championship standings:1 Dan REARDON 89, 2 Jay MARMONT 88, 3 Chad REED 82, 4 Tye SIMMONDS 68, 5 Daniel McCOY 62, 6 Cody MACKIE 54, 7 Cheyne BOYD 54, 8 Craig ANDERSON 48, 9 Cameron TAYLOR 47, 10 Troy CARROLL 45.

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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