Women Rally Up for 2010 International Female Ride Day

2009-11-21 18:16
Women riders maintain momentum throughout the year by revving up programs in preparation for the 2010 International FEMALE RIDE DAY on May 7th. The globally synchronized day, flagged for the first Friday of May each year, will celebrate its fourth year, highlighting, and promoting women motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

“The number of women bringing motorcycling to the forefront of their lives continues to be relevant with each riding season that passes,” says Vicki Gray, campaign founder. “They come from a diversity of locations and cultures, but all share a passion for motorcycling. Women are the ‘rider force’ to be reckoned with today and there are fewer and fewer reasons for women not to get involved. As in every aspect in life, women now have more role models and mentors to inspire them. Also, the industry supplies further support by way of more female-friendly machinery and women’s clothing to better accommodate our gender, as well as providing more available resources, such as are offered by MOTORESS online. In fact, being that our lifestyles and roles as women has grossly broadened to include a multitude of ‘hats’ there’s a greater need for an outlet, for escape. Motorcycling is simply, good medicine for what ails ya!” she adds.

Sport bike, cruiser, scooter, off-road, touring or competition, regardless of what type or style of motorcycle interest, International FEMALE RIDE DAY makes one simple request of women – Just Ride! Get on your bikes, be out there and be visible. The concept has gathered its power and support in this simple, synchronized theme linking women by this common activity, around the world. One day to celebrate and highlight the many women who share a passion for the sport. As such, every rider participating on the day is leading by example and is in herself the perfect role model for women who have not yet taken the first step to enjoy motorcycling.

At its inception in 2007, the campaign became an immediate success as women embraced the chance to participate in the day. International FEMALE RIDE DAY fever significantly magnifies each year and 2010 expects to yet again break records in rider involvement. Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Israel, Qatar as well as other countries will again be contributing to the campaign in compelling numbers.


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