Press Release - VP Introduces VP100 For High Performance Street Vehicles

2009-12-18 12:58
VP Racing Fuels, Inc., the industry leader in the manufacture of racing fuels and performance products, announced the introduction of VP100TM, a street legal unleaded performance fuel. VP100 is specifically engineered for high-performance street cars, exotics, sport compacts, muscle cars, street rods and vehicles requiring premium fuels in excess of 91 octane. “With additional media and television focusing on enthusiasts driving their high performance street cars, VP recognizes the importance of having unleaded fuels available to meet the needs of these niche markets,” said John Sonnefeldt, VP’s Director of Sales & Marketing for Street Fuels.

Well-suited for high-performance street cars, VP100 is oxygenated with ethanol. Environmentally friendly, it meets California Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements and is street legal throughout the U.S. At 100 octane (R+M/2), it generates substantial power increases over pump gas. A test with a turbocharged application proved VP100 will generate up to 14% more power than premium grade 91 octane unleaded gasoline.

VP100 is safe for use in cast-iron head engines with compression ratios up to 13:1 and aluminum heads up to 14:1 and reduces the fear of detonation in power enhanced vehicles. “VP100 contains no metal compounds and will not harm catalytic converters or oxygen sensors,” Sonnefeldt added. “Designed to enhance performance in the latest generations of turbo- and supercharged engines, VP100 will deliver consistent performance every time you fill up at the pump.”

“In areas where premium fuels such as 93 octane are unavailable, VP100 is the perfect solution,” Sonnefeldt continued. “Over 200 cars currently in production suggest premium fuel for optimum performance. Blending VP100 with your local premium fuel can give you the desired octane number to meet the maximum performance standards of your vehicle.”

For customers with technical questions about VP100, a tech support line has been established at 812-878-2025. Questions may also be emailed to

VP100 is becoming more readily available at the pump nationwide. All VP fuels are available in 5, 15, 30 and 54-gallon containers at locations worldwide where racing fuel is sold. To purchase VP100, contact your local dealer or to find a location near you, contact the appropriate VP Regional Distribution Center, each of which is listed at

In addition to fuels, VP’s product line includes specialty lubricants, performance chemicals and traction adhesives – each designed to produce the most power and best performance in their respective racing applications. More information can be obtained from VP’s website –

Source: VP Racing Fuels

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