Riding Across Five Continents

2009-12-25 04:59
1997 Crossed North America
1998 Crossed Australia
2001 Crossed Africa
2005 Crossed South America
2009 Crossed Eurasia

In 1997, writer Jugatsu Toi set off on his Honda motorcycle with the goal of traversing all five of the world’s inhabited continents. In November 2009, at the age of 61, Toi completed his crossing of Eurasia, reaching his ultimate goal at the Honda Headquarters in Aoyama, Tokyo.

For the journey of his dreams, Toi selected a Honda XRV750 (Africa Twin) and a Honda NX650 Dominator* for their reliability in tough environments. These two reliable companions carried Toi across the torrid desert, the frigid tundra and other terrain of the most daunting nature. With their help, Toi traveled more than 120,000 km.

Facing many a hardship, Toi kept riding, believing the essence of his journey to be the discovery of truth and hope, however small the forms they took. Although some may have considered the trip a waste of time, money and effort, nothing could dissuade Toi from exploring the unknown or taking in the kaleidoscopic experiences of the long road.

Full story & photos...]http://world.honda.com/RidingFive/?r=m

Source: Honda Motor Company

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