Sykes Scores As Andrews Escapes

2010-04-12 09:54
Tom Sykes scored 11th and 15th place finishes at Valencia to go 16th in the championship table, after a sometimes dramatic day of action during round three of the championship.

In the first 23-lap race Tom worked his way to 11th place, finishing just over two seconds ahead of Ruben Xaus, having started from 18th place on the grid.

Race two was a two-part affair, after stand-in Kawasaki Racing Team rider Simon Andrews (18th in race one) was involved in a horrific looking crash on the main straight, which saw him roll down the grass underneath pit wall. Simon was eventually diagnosed with a broken heel and a fractured metatarsus bone in his left foot, plus heavy bruising.

The race was stopped as Andrews and Vittorio Iannuzzo were attended to trackside, and the race eventually became an aggregate affair, based on times set in the first three-lap heat and a 20 lap restart.

Tom was caught out by a small problem in the first part and that meant he started 21st from 22 riders, and made up places as best he could to end up 15th and score a point.

Tom Sykes: “A few people dropped out of race one and I was not willing to make too many mistakes to make sure I kept some good points on the board. In race two we had a bit of a problem early on. We had a good launch and a good start but then there was a small issue with the electronics and that put me on the back of the grid for the restart. I got some cement dust in my eyes in the second leg of the second race and that was burning me all race. Race two was promising anyway but I got involved with people who were slower in some sectors and I could not run as fast as I wanted to. I overstretched the tyre trying to get past some of them but we scored points in each race and gathered more useful data for the team.”

Simon Andrews: “I think I must have landed on my feet or something and that is how I got hurt. I don’t remember a lot of what happened in the crash, but I remember getting a good start. Just as I was getting ready to get up to the guys in front the crash happened. I'd like to thank the team for the opportunity to ride and say how disappointed I am in having to end the weekend this way.”

Source: Kawasaki Racing Team

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