Superbike IDM season 2010 - Orange Mission

2010-04-15 09:01
The KTM Superbike Team Germany in 2010 continues its engagement in the International German Championships (IDM). Stefan Nebel and Martin Bauer are to race the official KTM 1190 RC8 R Superbikes. Kallio Racing, a private KTM team from Finland will also be on the starting line.

KTM continues to be involved in racing activity with the 1190 RC8 R and in 2010 will start again in the Superbike class of the IDM (International German Championships). The orange rockets are to be ridden by Stefan Nebel, who races for KTM in his second IDM season, and Martin Bauer, the new addition to the team. The two-cylinder Superbikes from Austria achieve approx. 190 hp at 10,500 revs, weigh 181.5 kg with a full tank and reach a top speed of almost 300 km/h when prepared to meet the IDM regulations for series-near bikes.

The KTM Superbike Team Germany is a factory-supported importer team. Main sponsor is the energy drink brand Red Bull. Development and construction of the 1190 RC8 R Superbikes takes place in Mattighofen (Austria) under the leadership of Wolfgang Felber who is responsible for RC8 model range. Team boss Konrad Hefele is in charge of the team's IDM racing activity. During the season, maintenance of the bikes will be carried out in his workshop in Ainhofen, Bavaria. It is from here that the KTM Team Truck will depart for the eight rounds on the calendar. The Superbike IDM Team is made up of 13 people.

Stefan Nebel (29-years-old from Velbert in Germany, Superbike IDM champion 2003 and 2005, and Vice-champion in 2009): "I'm looking forward to 2010 but it will be difficult to top the vice-champion title. Last season I rode at 110 percent from the first corner and on the track I was actually always in last lap mode. When it came down to the real thing the others always had something in reserve, whereas there was nothing more for me to fall back on. It's our aim to improve on this. Together with the team I'm going to try to squeeze the maximum effort while staying relatively cool - because that's also important. Last year we found just the right balance between these factors. Winning a championship is complicated and involves a thousand different things. Our aim is to win, that's clear. Sp we'll give it our best shot and in the end we'll see what comes out of it."

Martin Bauer (35-years-old, from Eggendorf in Austria, Superbike IDM Champion 2007 and 2008): "To be an Austrian racing for KTM is naturally something special. It would be a huge success to take the championship title with KTM. That's a great incentive for me. The RC8 R is my first two-cylinder. You get a different impression from the way it runs. A V-Twin is more monotone. Huge torque comes from below, the propulsion is constant. It was astonishingly easy to make the switch to the new bike. You just have to change gears earlier. Subjectively the acceleration is deceptive. In reality it is a powerful forward thrust. The special strengths of the KTM are the problem-free ride-ability, the possibility of going very fast into the corners and being able to control the rear tyre. And it's easy to feel and control when you go into the drifts and you're right on the edge. The feedback from the chassis is extremely good."

Konrad Hefele, Team Boss: "All of our pre-season tests for 2010 have been right on track and we've had no problems at all. In particular we've been testing our new brand of tyres and taking care of the settings. So far I think everything's going fine. The riders are really enthusiastic.. The front tyres last a lot longer, the rear tyres only change the grip relationship after a few laps so they stay consistently good. This should give us an advantage both with the use of the qualifiers in timed practice and also at race pace over distance in the races."

Hefele adds: "Now we have one season's experience in the Superbike IDM as well as with our RC8 R. That gives us an advantage even though in certain areas we have to start right from the beginning. I believe we have the possibility to challenge for the title with the two riders we have. Our first goal is to manage a race victory. Stefan Nebel and Martin Bauer both choose a similar setting even though they have different riding styles. Nebel takes a sharper line going into the corners and the bike accelerates quicker at the exit, Bauer goes rounder into the corners and at a higher speed. Their times are about the same, both are very fast."

Wolfgang Felber, KTM Technician and the figurehead behind the RC8 R programme: "KTM produces sports motorcycles. The RC8 and RC8 R are Superbikes that we are very proud of. We are engaged in sport to show how competitive we are and it lies at the heart of our company to fly the sporting flag. What is new on the racing bikes for 2010 are the new brand of tyres and new suspension elements. We've made improvements in the area of electronics and with that we have optimized certain details that make working on the bikes easier, especially on the race track and under time pressure. With Stefan Nebel and now Martin Bauer we have two top riders onboard."

There is also a private KTM team contesting the Superbike IDM in 2010. Kallio Racing from Valkeakoski in Finland are racing RC8 R Superbikes that they prepare with support from Finland's KTM importer. The reigning Finnish Superbike Champion Vesa Kallio (29), the elder brother of Mika Kallio, long time KTM factory rider in GP racing will be on the start for all of the eight events in the series. The second rider in the Kallio Team is Markus Neuvonen (29), for whom the Finnish Championship has priority. This championship takes place over six race weekends with nine races in total.

The IDM Superbike calendar 2010:
April 23-25 Eurospeedway Lausitz
May 14-16 Oschersleben
May 28-30 NĆ¼rburgring
June 18-20 Sachsenring
July 2-4 Salzburgring (Austria)
June 30-August 1 Schleiz
August 20-22 Assen/NL
September 17-19 Hockenheim

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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