Sardegna Rally Stage 4 - Team KTM Cyril Despres

2010-05-31 17:15
Five members of the Team KTM Cyril Despres arrived at the end of the fourth stage at a ‘reasonable' hour - and then the waiting began.

Tyres were changed, road books prepared, but everyone's mind was elsewhere. They knew that it was a tough stage and that the navigation was difficult. They also knew that two of their team mates, Don Hatton and Enzo Chiocchi were still ‘out there'. Then finally, at 20h10, the team was complete once more. Suddenly it was all smiles again. Dan and Enzo told tales of fighting their way through thick undergrowth, thinking they had the right track only to realize they were going up a path they had already gone down half an hour previously. Rally-raid had once again worked its magic. Seven very different people from six different countries had become life long friends in the space of a few short days.

Tomorrow, the last day of the 2010 Sardegna Rally Race, a relatively short 230 kilometres and a podium finish on the beach. Fingers crossed they will all be reunited one last time.

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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