AMA Arenacross Series Interview of the Week: Auburn, Kansas Native Tanner Moore

2012-01-15 05:38
The sixth round of the 2012 AMA Arenacross Series is set to make its debut at the Kansas Expocentre in Topeka this weekend. Currently, a tie atop the premier Arenacross Class standings between Babbitt’s Monster Energy/AMSOIL Kawasaki, presented by Maxxis’ Tyler Bowers and FMF Power/Poynt TUF Honda’s Jeff Gibson is generating considerable buzz throughout the industry, and the next chapter in this duo’s fight for the title will commence this weekend.

One young rider is looking forward to this weekend more than any other, and that is Letko KTM’s Tanner Moore, who hails from nearby Auburn. Moore has made a name for himself as an up and coming rider in the Arenacross Lites Class. With the return of the Western Regional Arenacross Lites Championship, Moore will have the opportunity to defend his points lead in front of his hometown crowd and continue to work his way down the path to a possible title.

Arenacross: Tanner, talk about your season so far. How are things going for you?

Tanner Moore: So far this year, things haven’t really gone my way. At the first round, I led half of the race, but then started making some mistakes and fell back. Since then, I’ve had a lot of crashes and stuff. I’m riding West Coast Lites, so I’m looking at it as getting those crashes out of the way. I’m looking forward to the West Championship and I’m coming into my hometown this weekend, so I hope things will turn around for me.

AX: Talk about racing in Topeka. Like you said, it’s your hometown race. What does it mean to have this opportunity?

TM: I’m super excited. There hasn’t been racing here since I have been a pro rider. Kansas City was pretty close for me, but this is right up the street from my house. I have a lot of really good friends here and the racing community will hopefully be there cheering me on. I’m a little bit nervous, but hopefully I’ll just come out there and get in the mains and get on the podium a couple times. That’s the goal for the weekend.

AX: What’s the following like for this sport in Topeka?

TM: In the last couple years, racing around here has really picked up. We had a couple really great tracks, but unfortunately, they closed down. But moving forward, I have a lot of friends who race and ride arenacross. I’ve got a small arenacross track here at my house and a lot of people come out to ride, train and hang out. I’m actually really excited. Kansas City always had a really big crowd and last year, Wichita had a good crowd, so I think a lot of people will come out. It’s a really nice arena too.

AX: How’s the competition been this year? Is it deeper than years past?

TM: Yeah, definitely. I had a really good year last year. I won two rounds and I got the #16 plate. This year, it’s been a lot tougher because there’s a lot more competition and a lot more riders out there getting help. It’s definitely good for the sport. It’s getting more riders than I’ve ever seen in my whole life and this is what I’ve done since I was a little kid.

AX: You mentioned hoping to turn things around this weekend. What are you expectations for your hometown race?

TM: I really hope to just turn things around. I’ve always had a lot of good luck here, back when we had smaller races in the past. I’m definitely capable of being on the podium, in my mind, and if I ride the way I should ride and make no mistakes, I’d like to see myself on the podium both nights in the Lites Class. I’d also like to try and get a top 10 in the premier class. It has a lot of fast riders and a lot of veterans. Hopefully, I get out there, get good starts, ride like I can and god things will come out of it.


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