Two-wheel fun on three-wheels at Crescent

2012-06-20 15:14
Crescent now has the revolutionary Piaggio MP3 scooter in stock and this state-of-the-art machine is just waiting to change your views on motorcycling forever.

This amazing machine is the only scooter above 125cc that can be ridden on a full car licence – without the need to take a separate motorcycle test - and its unique three-wheel mechanism means that it can also be brought to a stop and parked like a car, but still has the handling capabilities and freedom of a true motorcycle.

The MP3 has ride-by-wire technology allied with electronic fuel-injection, which gives this futuristic machine excellent performance coupled with a responsive power delivery and enhanced rider comfort. It is capable of long-range commuting, as well as a fun ride on your favourite country or town roads.

The MP3 is also fitted with a brake pedal and a combined braking system guaranteeing shorter stopping distances - 20% less than conventional scooters - and offering greater stability on any road conditions, plus a huge luggage carrying capacity and an adjustable windscreen to protect you from the weather. It’s available in 125, 300, 400 and now 500cc versions, making it ideal for urban transport needs, such as commuting to-and-from work or picking up the shopping or take-away, as well as being ideally suited to long journeys and weekends away. The MP3 is also exempt from congestion charges and is free from parking fees!

Just contact your local Crescent store to arrange a test-ride and be prepared to alter your way of thinking about the Piaggio MP3.

Source: Crescent Motorcycle

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