Yamaha Motor Europe and SHARK Helmets create partnership for the 2016 European MT-Tour

2016-05-09 01:23
Yamaha Motor Europe is pleased to announce the partnership with SHARK Helmets for the 2016 European MT Tour. The partnership will see selected SHARK Helmets available for testing alongside models from Yamaha's MT Range as part of the tour.

Founded by former professional racers, SHARK has more than 25 years experience pushing technical boundaries to become a market leader in the motorcycle helmet field. As a wholly owned French brand, SHARK oversees the entire manufacturing process, from design and development to production, from its Marseille headquarters.

Yamaha's 2016 MT Tour is the second outing following the hugely successful European MT Range activation experience in 2015. The tour makes more than 50 stops in over 10 European countries between April and November this year. With more than 70,000 units sold since the MT Range arrived two years ago, the demand to get up close and personal with the Dark Side of Japan experience has never been greater. As a result the 2016 tour not only offers the opportunity to test the full product range (including new offerings MT-03 and MT-10) but also a unique walk on the wild side at night with the Dark Side of Japan Night event at selected stops of the tour.

SHARK Helmets have made an appearance in most of Yamaha's MT model promotional films since the range was introduced, making them a perfect partner for the 2016 MT Tour. The partnership brings the possibility for users to step even closer to their own personal Dark Side of Japan moment, being able to experience both a selected model from the 2016 MT Range and a SHARK helmet to complete the ride.

Different SHARK models will be available to experience at each stop of the 2016 MT Tour, these include the SHARK Raw (to partner the MT-09), the Vancore (to partner the MT-125) and the latest model, the Skwal, featuring built in LED lights for the full MT effect.

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.

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