2017-03-20 08:52
SIC Racing Team riders Adam Norrodin and Ayumu Sasaki concluded the final day of pre-season testing 22nd and 7th overall.

The arrival of high winds at the Losail Circuit today saw the majority of the Moto3 field opt to sit out of the first session, deeming conditions too risky for the smaller cylinder category.

Taking a chance in second practice, Adam Norrodin and Ayumu Sasaki used a limited window of opportunity to gather important information on the set-up of their Honda NSF250RW machines, finishing the session 15th and 16th respectively.

Despite wind speeds increasing for the final Moto3 session of the day, an eager Ayumu Sasaki attempted one last run on board his #71 machine, posting his fastest lap and ending the day in P2, before rapidly deteriorating conditions brought out the red flag.


“Today was very difficult with the strong winds; it was really hard to feel anything. It’s difficult to say much more on this last day as we didn’t have a lot of track time. Nevertheless I’m happy with the set-up we have now. We’ve done all the jobs we wanted to do here and we’ve gathered a lot of useful information. We may not have been able to push for the lap times as much as we would have liked but I feel comfortable and confident with my bike and this is the most important thing. We will be back on track on Thursday for the first Grand Prix practice of the year and I feel positive that after this test, we can start the season strong.

“The conditions today were very difficult! We couldn’t ride in the first session and then in the second it didn’t improve either but we didn’t want to waste more track time, so we tried to go out in the heavy winds. With the weather, the times were slower. There was no point to push at this point and risk a crash, so we just put in used tyres and focussed on gathering feedback on our set-up. In third practice we put in new tyres and immediately I could push a lot harder and make a good lap time. Unfortunately we were only on track for around ten minutes and then the weather got so bad the red flag had to come out to end the session. Although we have not had as much time on track as we would have liked at this test, we have worked well and done a good job. I’m confident about the set-up we have going into this first race weekend here.”

Source: SIC Racing Team

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