Look and feel part of the racing action in our very latest clothing collection.

2017-11-14 14:33
The new Yamaha Paddock Blue collection now available!

Yamaha’s approach to its branded team and leisure gear has always been very enthusiastic, but a little cautious. Why? Because before we allow any item to carry that iconic and respected name, it must prove itself to be as well designed and ‘engineered’ as the world-beating machines that inspire it – and every bit as cool and stylish as the people who run and race them.

Which is why we’re confident you’ll love our very latest 2-tier Paddock Blue Collection.

First, there’s Paddock Blue Race. This striking line-up of super-comfortable, great-looking gear strongly declares your allegiance to our race teams, so you’ll feel right at home, whether you’re watching the action or in the paddock. It includes a wide range of practical designs, from T-shirts, polos and jackets to trousers and body warmers, with special items for ladies and kids too – won’t those little people feel good crashing out in a funky set of Yamaha Racing pyjamas!

Paddock Blue Casual is just as stylish, but designed for more relaxed, day-to-day wear, away from the glitz and glare of competition, while still clearly marking you out as a race enthusiast. The cut and styling of these exciting designs means they fit in perfectly at home, in the gym or around town.

Also available in the Paddock Blue Collection are no fewer than 12 great caps and hats, as well as a stylish Sports Bag and a trendy Backpack.

To discover even more about the extensive Paddock Blue Collection, including price and availability, please contact your national distributor.


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