The Andreani Group

2017-11-14 14:39
The Andreani Group: thirty years of passion and experience Thirty years have passed since Giuseppe Andreani, after over ten seasons of satisfaction and success in the World Motocross, hang up his helmet and founded the Andreani Group. At the beginning he was an exclusive importer of WP suspensions, then he started distributing the Marzocchi brand and finally, in 2005, he made the definitive leap of quality by collaborating with the prestigious Swedish House Öhlins exclusively on the Italian market. Thanks to the professionalism and experience of the Italian group, goals became more and more prestigious, expanding sale to other leading brands in the motorcycle industry and progressively expanding its sphere of interest also to bike and car industries. In addition to the aftermarket business, the Andreani Group built a world-renowned reputation with its Superbike World Championship racing service alongside award-winning official teams: advanced solutions for suspensions tuning, specific machine manufacturing dedicated to those who work on forks and shock absorbers, unique courses about all problems of suspensions world, that are realized in the exclusive room equipped with a suspension test bench. These courses every year call upon dozens of technicians and person coming from all over the world. ANDREANI GROUP • 2018 MISANO CARTRIDGE BY ANDREANI The revolutionary Misano cartridge, developed by the Andreani Group R&D, has the exclusive possibility to Transform not adjustable forks into fully adjustable, by making compression adjustment and spring preload fully customizable based on rider weight and riding. Available for over 100 applications on road, naked, vintage and very powerful scooter, constantly updated for 2018 models, the Misano cartridge replaces the original forks cartridges

Via della Lirica 61 •48124 Ravenna (RA) •Italy Phone +39-0544-405653 • press@strategycomunicazione.comand is equipped with ø 20 mm pistons with increased oil passages and has a sophisticated hydraulic system that guarantees excellent performances in sport driving and an excellent comfort in urban or tourist riding. • DB4 SUSPENSION TEST BENCH The DB4 test bench is the most advanced, fully automated new generation test bench developed by the Andreani Group R&D to measure all motorcycle, car and mountain bike suspensions. The powerful 4kW AC-Motor allows you to test shock absorbers and forks in a wide range of speed and loads, choosing between several stroke settings. Equipped with dedicated software with special versions that include among the various advanced features the hysteresis analysis, the calculation of dissipated energy and that of damping coefficients, does not require a separate computer and is equipped with a sophisticated electronic controller that assures a 'stable and reliable automation and a deterministic data acquisition. The DB4, equipped with a dedicated software with special versions that includes among the various advanced features hysteresis analysis, calculation of dissipated energy and of damping coefficients, does not require a dedicated laptop and has a sophisticated dedicated controller board that ensures a stable and reliable automation and a deterministic data acquisition. It also displays in real-time the suspensions strength-speed graph, compares the different shock absorbers settings or the different strips configurations, measures dynamic suspension parameters and detects any operating malfunctions.

Source: Pirelli MX Media

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