WFT Humboldt Half Mile Race Cancelled

2018-06-22 06:40
Today's a sad and angry day for Westerm Flat Track, our riders, pit crew, fans and sponsors.

A small number (1-4) of self-serving, greedy, thoughtless, community-destroying residents of Ferndale California attacked this event, hiring a lawyer who threatened a lawsuit and an injunction order to block the race. Their expressed reasons were just cover for their real agenda - a continuing vendetta in attempt to destroy an organization and a couple of individuals.

Those people robbed the racing community and thousands of fans of a great day of family entertainment and Humboldt County of tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Humboldt County was ill-prepared for this attack even though they were well aware of this group's history of creating havoc in the very community in which they reside. You may have already read this release.


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