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2018-11-06 09:56
Press Release
Number: 09/PR-ITDC/XI/2018
The Nusa Dua Bali - Indonesia, November 5th 2018
ITDC (Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation/ PT. Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero)),
confirms that between the Australian MotoGP held on Philip Island and the Malaysian Grand Prix, Mr
Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO of Dorna Sports SL, along with the Sporting Director, Mr Carlos Ezpeleta, took a
short break to visit the Island of Bali, staying at one of the five-star resorts at the Nusa Dua, a 350-ha
integrated Tourism Estate, owned and managed by ITDC.
During this time, Mr Ezpeleta and Mr Abdulbar M. Mansoer, CEO and President Director of ITDC, toured
and enjoyed the facilities at the Nusa Dua and also embarked on a day trip to the Island of Lombok to visit
the Mandalika, another tourism resort project currently under development by ITDC, situated in the
Southern Coast of the Island. Specifically, for this trip, Dorna was visiting a possible location for hosting
future Motorbike Race Events within the 1,175-ha integrated tourism estate.
A statement from Mr Abdulbar M. Mansoer reads as follows:
“Mr Carmelo Ezpeleta was primarily at the Nusa Dua for a well-deserved break at the Bali National Golf
Club before heading out to Kuala Lumpur for the Malaysian Grand Prix in Sepang. It was not his first time
to the Island as he visited the Nusa Dua around 2 years prior beforehand. For this visit, during his busy
schedule and on route between the two races, he wanted to visit Bali as well as Lombok, where we
welcomed him to the Mandalika and presented a potential concept to host future Motorbike Race Events.
His visit was brief, but we believe that he sincerely enjoyed his break and of course we would be very
happy to welcome him back to Bali and Lombok in the near future.”
PT Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) or Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)
is a state-owned enterprise focused in creating new tourism destinations in Indonesia. For over 40 years,
ITDC has developed the Nusa Dua as a tourism area in Bali to be one of the world’s most prestigious
tourism destinations. Currently in the Nusa Dua, there are 19 starred hotels which offer 5,000+ hotel
rooms, shopping centres, a museum, cultural venues, an 18-hole golf course, an international hospital and
other tourism amenities. With two international MICE facilities, the Nusa Dua has become host to various
international large-scale events, including the UN Climate Change 2007, APEC 2013, Bali Democratic
Forum, Miss World 2013 and recently the World Bank IMF Annual Meetings. Consistently managed with
an environmentally friendly concept, the Nusa Dua has earned various awards such as Kalpataru of the
Government of the Republic of Indonesia and certification of Tri Hita Karana of Tri Hita arana Bali
Foundation, Indonesia Sustainable Tourism Award 2017 as well as ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Award
2018. At the global level, in 2004, the Nusa Dua obtained the first Certification of Green Globe 21 Asia
Pacific in the world for “Community Resort” category awarded by Green Globe Foundation, a global
institution supported by the UN.
The Mandalika, an Integrated Tourism Complex is situated in the South of Lombok, Indonesia next to the
neighboring Island of Bali. The destination itself is designated a Special Economic Tourism Zone,
encompassing a total area of 1.175 ha of prime Real Estate specifically dedicated for the development of
an International Tourism Complex. With 16km of Beachfront, the Mandalika is managed under ITDC,
which is known for the development and management of the Nusa Dua Tourism Complex in Bali,
For further information:
Miranti N. Rendranti (Corporate Secretary) / Ricky Baheramsjah (Head of Marketing and Investment
Email: /
PT. Pengembangan Pariwisata Indonesia/Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC)

Source: Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup

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