2018-12-11 03:24
J.K. Kelly, author of the military thriller, FOUND IN TIME, today announced the global release of his much-anticipated second novel, FUELIN’ AROUND.

“I spent nearly thirty years traveling the world for VP Racing Fuels,” Kelly said, “Once I decided to get back to writing I sat down and developed my debut novel and the thriller got great reviews, including one from the Midwest Book Review. Readers said they couldn’t put it down and I’m happy to say, the reviewers, racers, and fans that got their hands on early copies of FUELIN’ AROUND have said the same thing. At VP we developed traction compounds for oval tracks, drag strips, and road courses but I promise there’s not an ounce of compound on any of those pages!”

From the first time he watched Richard Petty win at Pocono or Jungle Jim Liberman thrill the crowds at Englishtown, the motorsports world looked incredible and J.K. wanted in. FUELIN’ AROUND is the story of someone who followed their dreams. Pursuing his passion for writing and photography, Kelly traveled coast to coast covering races and doing feature stories and then landed his dream job as the the P.R. Director for Darrell Waltrip and the Gatorade 88 NASCAR team. After a heartbreaking detour, Kelly then landed a key role with VP Racing Fuels where he and many others helped build the small Texas company into an international competitor. Whether it was drinking a fuel sample, being pulled over by the Israeli Military, strategic thinking, playing with fire or putting one out, there was rarely a dull moment and readers get to come along for the ride.

FUELIN’ AROUND is an American success story that takes a behind the scenes look at a classic David versus Goliaths battle where VP took on industry giants, of a life on the racing road, and the personal and professional victories and numbing defeats that came with getting what Kelly had wished for. It's about people loving what they do and the reviewers have again given Kelly’s work very high marks.

“ News Editor Andy Rogers wrote, “I read the first half of the book in one sitting. I could not put the book down. Most enjoyable stories that made me laugh out loud.” John DiBartolomeo of Drag Racing Edge Magazine commented, “A page-turner you’re going to attempt to read in one shot and if not, it’s going to keep you coming back.”

FUELIN’ AROUND is now available around the world in paperback and ebook formats at Amazon and Barnes &


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