Get Ready to Conquer the Track on the YZF-R1 GYTR ‘20th Anniversary’

2018-12-18 04:29
The 2019 YZF-R1 GYTR '20th Anniversary’ is a hyper exclusive piece of motorsport history and it's now ready to order! This track only machine sports the same livery used by the Yamaha Factory Racing Team when they smashed their own record, winning a fourth consecutive Suzuka 8 Hours.

This racetrack ready titan is an ultra performance beast with 20 available units, one for each year the YZF-R1 has been tearing up the rule book and changing the game. Each unit has its limited edition number engraved on the top yoke and is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

Each one of these exclusive bikes will be painstakingly assembled, thoroughly tested and fine-tuned with their new owner in mind. They will be put together by an Official Yamaha Racing Team crew, receive a full dyno engine run-in and get a first oil change with premium Yamalube oil. These units will be ready to conquer the track, right out of the box.

Every lucky owner who gets their hands on one of these supreme pieces will be automatically invited to attend the Yamaha Racing Experience in Spring/Summer 2019. For those who choose to attend, they will receive an exclusive YZF-R1 GYRT set up session designed to fine tune their track conquering beast even further, so they can squeeze every available millisecond of race pace out of their bike.

This iconic race machine is for circuit use only and cannot be registered for road usage.


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