Decision of the Grand Prix Commission

2019-04-14 08:50
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The FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) founded in 1904, is the governing body for motorcycle sport and the
global advocate for motorcycling. The FIM is an independent association formed by 111 National Federations throughout the
world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in motorcycle sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Among its 50 FIM World Championships the main events are MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance, Motocross, Supercross, Trial,
Enduro, Cross-Country Rallies and Speedway. Furthermore, the FIM is also active and involved in the following areas: public
affairs, road safety, touring and protection of the environment. The FIM was the first international sports federation to
impose an Environmental Code in 1994.
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FIM Grand Prix World Championship
Decision of the Grand Prix Commission
The Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. Carmelo Ezpeleta (Dorna, Chairman), Paul Duparc
(FIM), Herve Poncharal (IRTA) and Takanao Tsubouchi (MSMA), in an electronic meeting held on 11 April
2019 made the following decision:
Sporting Regulations
Grid Procedure, stalled bike at start of the Warm Up lap, and after Race start
Currently the regulations forbid trying to start a stalled bike on the grid at the end of the warm up lap,
i.e. before the start of the race. A rider needing assistance must go into pit lane.
However, if a rider stalls his bike at the start of the warm up lap he is allowed to receive assistance to
try to restart it “for a short period”, in order to try to join the warm up lap. The same applies for a
stalled bike after the race start, assistance is allowed to try to restart it on the grid.
The current rules for each situation (start of the warm up lap, start of the race, and after the race start)
leads to some confusion for the teams and grid marshals who must make a decision at a critical time as
to what they are allowed to do. There is also potential unfairness as a rider may have marshals nearby
who are able to assist him, whilst another stalled rider may not have marshals nearby to assist. In all
classes the bikes are now difficult to push-start, leading to the risk that team mechanics may attempt to
re-enter the grid with starter engines to assist their rider which, for obvious safety reasons, cannot be
Agreed Changes to Regulations
To make the procedures safer, clearer and fairer, the same procedure will henceforth apply for all
At the start of the warm up lap a stalled bike may not be restarted, it must be taken immediately to pit
lane for assistance. If the rider can exit before pit lane is closed, he may still join the warm up lap and
start the race from the back of the grid.
Before and after the race start if a bike is stalled on the grid it must be removed to the pit lane for
Team personnel and equipment may not return to the grid after it has been cleared for either the warm
up lap or the race.
A regularly updated version of the FIM Grand Prix Regulations which contains the detailed text of
the regulation changes may be viewed shortly on:

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