Ténéré 700 Accessory Packs and Summer Demo Tour

2019-05-12 13:09
Ténéré 700 Accessory Packs and Summer Demo Tour
Something for every customer's style
This is surely going to be a memorable summer for adventure riders with the imminent arrival of new Ténéré 700, one of the most enjoyable and versatile motorcycles in the class. Powered by a thrilling high-torque CP2 689cc engine and equipped with a durable and comfortable chassis, the rally-bred Yamaha Ténéré 700 is ready to introduce a new generation of riders to the exciting world of adventure, where the Next Horizon awaits.

Each rider uses their bike in different ways, and so Yamaha has developed a choice of Genuine Accessory Packs for the Ténéré 700. These packs not only give the customer the freedom to create their very own motorcycle that suits their lifestyle, but also enable riders to enjoy themselves in a most personal way - be it through the comfort in longer travel, or the desire for a more sporty adrenaline rush.

Explorer Pack
Giving an enhanced long distance road riding experience together with high versatility off road, the Explorer Pack gives Ténéré 700 riders the equipment they need to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Rugged lockable aluminium side cases give 72 litres of secure carrying capacity for self-sufficiency in remote locations, while the main stand allows for stable parking and facilitates routing maintenance.

The Explorer pack also includes a 33% thicker skid plate that covers a larger area than the standard item, and the tubular engine guards help to protect cases and body panels from accidental damage - and there's also a mono seat rack that gives added carrying capacity.

Rally Pack
Aimed at Ténéré 700 owners looking for some serious action in the dirt, the Rally Pack enables thrill seekers to push their adventure bike closer to the limit when riding off road. The higher and flatter, 1-piece rally seat gives riders more freedom to shift their body weight to suit the terrain and gives an authentic rally look - while the lightweight Akrapovič slip-on muffler emits a throaty-rich exhaust note that underlines the bike's rally-bred specification.

The Rally Pack's chain guard and chain guide ensure that the transmission runs true when pushed hard off road - and a radiator protector helps to prevent wayward stones and debris causing any problems. And to keep theTénéré 700 looking sharp there's also a licence plate holder, LED blinkers and a protective tank pad.

In addition to the Explorer Pack and Rally Pack, Ténéré 700 owners can also personalise their motorcycle by selecting individual Genuine Accessories from Yamaha's constantly evolving line of products.The Accessory Packs will be available in September to coincide with the arrival of the newYamaha Ténéré 700.

Featuring an updated colour, Yamaha's latest Adventure riding gear is available now, and from July onward there's a new line of dedicated Ténéré casual apparel with a technical style that can be seen at https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/eu/en/products/motorcycles/adventure/t-n-r-700/apparel/

Build the ultimate Ténéré 700 with the free MyGarage app
Yamaha's MyGarage APP is the best way for Ténéré 700 customers to build their dream adventure bike online with Yamaha Genuine Accessories!

MyGarage is the quick and easy way to view all configurations of the Ténéré 700 from any angle, enabling potential customers to see which combination of colours, Genuine Accessories works best for them. Once the personalised bike has been created it can be saved and shared with friends - and when a final decision is made on the ideal specification, it can be sent to the local Yamaha dealer who will turn it into reality.

Download the MyGarage APP by clicking on 'Configurator' at www.yamaha-motor.eu and selecting APP Store or Google Play.

Yamaha Ténéré 700 Demo Tour
The Yamaha Ténéré 700 is one of the most exciting and eagerly-awaited models of the decade, with many riders desperate to take a demo ride and feel this compact adventure bike's ideal balance of power and control.

Starting in June and running through into July, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Demo Tour rewards the most fanatic and dedicated Yamaha Adventure bike fans by giving them the opportunity to evaluate this outstanding new bike for themselves and take a close look at all of the colours and both Accessory Pack options, before the arrival on the bike in the market.

Yamaha's team of expert guide riders and technicians will start their European Demo Tour at the beginning of June, and over the following weeks will visit Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. For more information please visit www.yamaha-motor.eu.

The Demo Tour enables potential customers to try this new adventure bike out before they place their order, which can be made up until July 31st* via the Online Ordering System at https://tenere700.yamaha-motor.eu/

Orders placed via the Online Ordering System before July 31st 2019 qualify for a special price of €9,299 for the standard model. The Ténéré 700 will be available in Yamaha dealerships from September onwards with a price of €9,699.*

* Please note that the prices quoted are for the non-accessorized full power and 35kW versions only, and the price varies per country. Please contact your local press officer for specific information.


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