'Solo on Moto' Documentary Film Supporting Children with Cancer Launches on Dream Racer TV

2019-07-10 01:41
A London-based journalist and philanthropist, Eli Coory has put hundreds upon thousands of hours into making 'Solo on Moto' -- a 72 minutes documentary film with the aim of helping Children with Cancer whilst travelling the world on his motorbike, solo.

After meeting an 8-year-old cancer patient, Eli felt inspired to ditch his comfortable lifestyle in London and devote himself to a more selfless cause. He has faced countless dangers over the last five years, journeying around the world on his mission, all the while encountering wonderful people and seeing incredible places. He has documented every day of his journey through film and photographs, helping children with cancer all over the world without any support or sponsors backing.

Five years on, and fully committed Eli has finally produced 'Solo on Moto' using his own savings to finish what he set out to achieve - a self-produced documentary film whose profit will be donated to hospitals caring for Children battling cancer.

The film itself is going to benefit children with cancer and raise awareness of the cause for which Eli has fought so boldly, whilst the profit from the film will be donated to Children Hospitals treating children with cancer.

More than 90,000 people have followed Eli's globetrotting exploits on his 'Solo on Moto' Facebook page and Eli's personal gratification is that "many people have decided to do something similar in order to help others; that is the greatest reward."

Solo on Moto is now available for streaming or digital purchase on Dream Racer TV (https://ondemand.dreamracer.tv)

YouTube film trailer link: https://youtu.be/AnTADry1Wt4 + [images below]

Should you wish to view 'Solo on Moto' to write a feature story, please reply to this email and we will email you a code for a free viewing on Dream Racer TV.

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