Lights, camera, action-packed: MotoGP™ gets an art attack in Tokyo

2019-10-17 12:14
The Motul Grand Prix of Japan is just around the corner, and for many in the paddock that means one thing: a little time in Tokyo. The stunning Japanese metropolis stretches horizon to horizon and could entertain for an eternity, but this year there was one particular experience in store for MotoGP™: teamLab Borderless.

What is it? A museum, but not the kind that would first come to mind for most. A multi-sensory, audio-visual experience, teamLab Borderless is a world of artworks without borders that interact with, influence and compliment each other to perfection - as well as immersing every visitor in a truly unique experience. No two experiences are ever the same, because the art also reacts to the people there to enjoy it.

The fantastic five making their way through the space before hitting the road to the Twin Ring Motegi were home heroes Takaaki Nakagami (LCR Honda Idemitsu), Tatsuki Suzuki (SIC58 Squadra Corse) and Ayumu Sasaki (Petronas Sprinta Racing), as well as Beta Tools Speed Up teammates Jorge Navarro and Fabio Di Giannantonio, with their visit beginning in a particularly spectacular exhibit: the Forest of Resonating Lamps.

Lamps, mirrors and light create a 360 degree experience in the Forest, with the colours changing and the brightness of each lamp ebbing and flowing as the installation interacts with the people in the room. Touch one, it reacts - and the riders had a good few minutes to tap, hold, poke and wonder.

Top photo L-R: "Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather" quite literally: Sasaki, Suzuki, Nakagami, Di Giannantonio and Navarro

The beauty of the musuem certainly resonated with Suzuki, Di Giannantonio, Nakagami, Sasaki and Navarro (L-R)

Nakagami in the Forest of Lamps...

...which has more than one party trick
Next it was time to wander through the Crystal World; a stunning light and sound display that mirrors a myriad of different elements from nature. And you can 'choose your nature', with each having different sounds, speeds, colours, brightness and effects. The riders chose a few different ones, and the photographers? It was a patient game waiting for the random cycle of options to try and recreate that perfect shot. Or at least, come as close as possible within the ever-changing display.

Throwing some shapes in a spectacular space: the Crystal World

Mirror, mirror, on every wall

Taka strikes a pose
From the stunning light of the Crystal World, the riders next saw the Forest of Flowers and People and Animals Born of Flowers in the Flower Forest - with the walls all seeming to move at once with a cacophony of colour. And the flowers bloom from your feet, creating new shoots that grow and go on to interact with those around them.

L-R: Navarro, Nakagami, Sasaki, Di Giannantonio and Suzuki in bloom

Suzuki amongst the flowers
The incredible Universe of Water Particles on a Rock where People Gather awaited next. Cascading down the wall, the artwork is another that reacts to the touch of those who approach it; moving to accommodate and surround each person who sits on the 'rock' formation at the bottom. As well as everyone else. The centrepiece of one of the biggest spaces in teamLab Borderless, it captivated the group for a good while before they set sail for the light sculpture space and Black Waves, where you're surrounded by a digital ocean of crashing waves.

Source: Dorna Sports

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