Monster Energy Honda Team all set for the 2020 Dakar

2020-01-03 05:48
Joan Barreda

This will be my tenth Dakar and I hope that it turns out to be my best Dakar. At the moment, the sensations are good and we will see how the routes are that the organization has prepared for us. We have completed the shakedown and everything is all set. A short while ago we passed all the verifications too and the only thing left to do is to take the start on day 5. So, let's finish off preparing everything well!

Joan Barreda

José Ignacio Cornejo

Once again this year we line up for the start of the Dakar. This year I am very excited because the preparation has gone really well and the team is at its best after a long season. I hope I can get a good result. We will fight as hard as we can to achieve it.

José Ignacio Cornejo

Aaron Maré

Well, it is my first Dakar and I wish I was able to explain my feelings. I am very excited about this huge challenge that we all have ahead. So far everything has gone well; the tests, the races, the shakedown that we did yesterday and now we are ready to go out and give it some gas in the first stage. I hope everything goes well!

Source: Honda Racing Corporation

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