Competition Bulletin 2020-4: Change in 2020 GNCC Transponder Compatibility  

2020-02-11 01:47
GNCC Racing has been transitioning the scoring system transponders for the last couple of years to a new 6-digit number model. For the 2020 season, six-digit models will be the only compatible transponder for scoring. The 10-digit number transponders will no longer be compatible. Transponders from other series or races are not compatible and will not work.

Transponders can be purchased or rented. The purchase price is $90 - cash or credit; if you are using credit, there is a convenience fee. Transponders newly purchased this coming season are good for two to three years.

The rental deposit is $90, but you will get $80 back when you return it at the end of the day. You will be given a receipt along with your transponder to verify your deposit and your transponder number.

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