Tacita third at the Ice Trophy

2021-01-04 02:08
Tacita bikes are designed and built to constantly push limits a step forward.
Whatever the surface, sand dunes, tarmac, or ice, the Italian electric bikes are equally at ease.
On December 12th and 13th Gianni Borgiotti, on a street legal Tacita, took part into the second edition of the "Ice Trophy" at La Rosère of Crévacol, Valle d’Aosta, in the North of Italy, finishing on the podium.

Gianni Borgiotti : “It was a great fullfilment to carry out the Ice Trophy, a round of the Italian championship, with a solid 3rd place achieved with a street-legal Tacita.
Our category was for 250cc and <500 spikes. This was just the start. We look forward to the second round, where we know we can further improve. Our goal is victory”.

Pierpaolo Rigo, co-founder of Tacita: “We are happy and amazed of that result, as we got ready for this race in a few days, and with a complete street-legal bike with lights, turn indicators, plate holder and on-board battery charger.
We are now preparing a racing bike for the next competition on 17th January. I take this occasion to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Stay tuned for more news from Tacita in 2021!".

The TACITA project was born in Torino Italy in June 2009 by Pierpaolo Rigo and Dinamaria Ollino, with the goal of building the perfect electric racing motorcycle.
TACITA first product was the world-unique electric Rally Motorcycle, the "T-Race Rally", which in 2012 was the first and only 100% electric motorcycle to race an International Cross Country Rally at the Merzouga desert, in Morocco, Africa.
Since then, TACITA's endeavour has constantly focused on research, engineering and design, to create Italian motorcycles with temperament, unique in their kind.
Today the results are the off-road Racing “T-RACE” family, with the T-Race Motard, T-Race Cross, T-Race Enduro and T-Race Rally; and the new Street “T-CRUISE”, the first Italian state-of-the-art, advanced technology, hand crafted electric Cruiser.



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