Trastevere73 Salvages Crucial Points in MotoGP eSport Global Series Round 3

2022-09-13 02:32
Lorenzo Daretti (aka Trast73 or Trastevere73) made the most of two difficult races in today‘s Round 3 of the 2022 MotoGP eSport Global Series. He rode to fifth and fourth place respectively in the races staged at the Jerez and the Spielberg circuit, holding on to the championship lead with 4.5 points.

Today, Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP‘s Lorenzo Daretti (aka Trast73 or Trastevere73) had to show true mental strength, completing two tough Global Series Round 3 races showing some clever riding. The three-time MotoGP eSport Champion (in 2017, 2018, and 2021) understood the assignment was to get as many points as possible in the races staged in Jerez, Spain, and Spielberg, Austria, and took the chequered flag in fifth and fourth place respectively.

Like during Round 2 of the MotoGP eSport Global Series, the eRiders competed remotely. As it were races from home, the points were halved again.

Daretti had qualified in sixth place for Race 5 (Jerez, dry) and in eighth place for Race 6 (Spielberg, dry).

Trastevere73 had a decent start in Jerez and rode both aggressively and defensively in the busy opening lap to stay in sixth place. He soon found a way through on Jack Hammer4658 and picked up the pace. The three-time World Champion was looking threatening by lap 4, pushing for a top-3 finish, but when one of his main rivals, adriaan_26, crashed out on lap 6, a close battle between Trastevere and Jack Hammer4658 ensued. The Italian decided to not take too many risks. He completed the race in fifth place, 3.039s from first. It earned him 5.5 points.

The race in Spielberg was equally tense for Daretti. Starting from eighth, he slotted into fifth place through the first corner. Once Jack Hammer4658 overtook him, Trast73 let his experience in winning championships do the talking. He tried to stay as close to Jack Hammer4658 as he could without making any mistakes. Trast73 remained calm and concentrated while riders ahead of him lost their cool and made mistakes. It allowed the Yamaha rider to cross the finish line in fourth place, 3.240s from first, and gain 6.5 points.

Trastevere73‘s efforts in Race 5 and Race 6 of the Global Series helped him to a 72.5 points total that keeps him first in the rankings for the 2022 MotoGP eSport Championship, with a 4.5-point advantage over his closest rival.

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After qualifying, it was clear that this was going to be a very difficult round. My goal was to bring home as many points as possible. I knew that in Jerez I had a better chance than in Spielberg.

The first race in Jerez was difficult because I started from sixth position. Securing a podium would be very hard, but I did have a great pace. I also had a decent start and had a good feeling in the opening laps. We were all very close together, riding in tandem almost like a snake, and I enjoyed that a lot. I was closing the gap to the rider ahead of me, but then I saw Adrian crash and started to overthink. I lost a bit of concentration, lost my pace, and Jackhammer overtook me. I decided to stay in fifth position, to avoid taking unnecessary risks and still get a good number of points, which is very important for the championship.

The race in Spielberg was tough. I was starting from eighth position, and I didn‘t have as good a feeling there as I did in Jerez. I started well, slotting into fifth place, and kept my position, but Jackhammer was right behind me again and was very fast. He overtook me and Andrea. I decided to try to stay behind him in sixth position, not make any mistakes, and keep quiet. In the end, the important thing is to take as many points as possible and not crash, and that‘s what we did. Obviously, I‘m not happy about riding for these types of results, but in the end two rivals crashed, and we ended the race in fourth place.

Clearly, I don‘t want to fight for fourth and fifth place, so we have to learn from these races and find a way to improve for the next round – and I actually have some ideas. We will come back stronger.

It will be important to keep first place in the standings, so let‘s see what we can do in the next two races. It will be the first time that we have a race at Motegi in the Global Series championship, but I‘ve done races at that track before, and I like it. Buriram I don‘t like that much, but our goal will remain the same: finish ahead of our main rivals.

Source: Yamaha Motor Racing

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