Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Jo Shimoda Earns Fifth Moto Win of the Season

2022-09-13 02:35
Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Jo Shimoda had a bounce-back ride in Moto 2 at Ironman Raceway to claim his fifth moto win of the season at the penultimate Pro Motocross round. His 5-1 moto scores awarded him second for the day and retained his spot as second overall in the championship standings. The team also had two more riders enjoy top-10 finishes with Cameron McAdoo earning 10-9 to give him ninth overall and Seth Hammaker put together a 12-10 score to finish 10th. Ryder DiFrancesco had two good starts, ultimately finishing 14th overall with his 17-14 race finishes.
Shimoda entered the day second overall in the championship. He was focused on another solid race and after a tough start to Moto 1 was determined to make up as many positions as possible. Shimoda moved from 13th to seventh in six laps and was not backing down. He rode smart and closed the gap over the next several laps, moving into fifth and was on the wheel of fourth when he tipped over in a turn. Thankfully he had a large gap over the next position and maintained fifth until the end of the moto.

The second moto was a dream compared to the first, taking over the lead after a few turns and continuing to gap the field, ultimately coming across the finish line 6.5 seconds ahead of second. His 5-1 was good enough for second overall, his eighth trip to the podium this season.
“I know the starts are important and I wasn’t able to get it done in Moto 1,” said Shimoda. “That’s what happens when you’re caught out and I had to work really hard to get up to fifth. The second moto I was ready to come back and I got a great start and managed my laps. I am very happy to maintain second place in the championship standings and we’ll look to have a great weekend to close out the season next weekend in Pala.”
Continuing to gain confidence and momentum as he notches more motocross races after coming back from injury, McAdoo showed his never-quit attitude on the technical Ironman track. He got a top-10 start in Moto 1 and was challenging for a good position when he tipped over late in the race. He got up quickly and held onto 10th in Moto 1. McAdoo matched his start in Moto 2, but was able to hold his speed and rode his Kawasaki KX250 home to the checkered flag in ninth to give him ninth overall.

“I’m happy to be in the top 10 but it’s not where I want to be,” said McAdoo. “I do have some things I need to overcome and I hope I can put it all together at the final round of the season. The track was really rough today and you had to be ‘on’ the entire moto otherwise the track could come out and get you, which happened to me in the first moto. So overall a good day, but I just want a little more to close out the season.”
Hammaker had taken off last round to get back up to 100 percent after going down in Moto 1 at Unadilla. He had a great start in Moto 1, coming around in fifth. Hammaker tried to keep the pace high but fell back to 10th after a few laps, ultimately finishing the moto in 12th. The second moto saw Hammaker execute another great start in sixth. It was a similar experience to the opening moto where he had some issues in the opening laps, falling to 20th on Lap 3. Not giving up without a fight, Hammaker put in some blistering laps as the moto rolled on and made his way up to 10th by the end of the moto.

“I definitely nailed the starts this week, but wasn’t able to keep up the pace or had some issues,” said Hammaker. “I know the starts are there so I just need to work on my intensity after having some time off the bike to recover. I’m really looking forward to going back to Pala.”
DiFrancesco came into the round at Ironman finally familiar with a track he was facing as a rookie. As a winner of the Ironman amateur “Moto Combine” in 2021, DiFrancesco put in a top-10 fast time in qualifying. His day started with an uphill battle after starting 15th but managed to find his way forward. A few mistakes hindered a better finish, finishing Moto 1 in 17th. In the second moto he found his start to be great as he rounded the first turn in the top 10. He came across the first lap in seventh but went down the leaderboard the next lap after a mistake. He would push the whole moto and eventually finish 14th, giving the rookie 14th overall.

“I really wanted to put in two solid motos today, but I made it a bit hard on myself,” said DiFrancesco. “The track was definitely different than when I ran it last year, and I ended up making some silly mistakes that cost me. I’m thankful that I was able to finish out the race after having to take off last week. I’m looking forward to a good race next weekend to close out the season.”
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250MX Class Overall Results - IRONMAN NATIONAL

Jett Lawrence (Honda), 1-3
Jo Shimoda (Kawasaki), 5-1
Hunter Lawrence (Honda), 3-2
RJ Hampshire (Husqvarna), 2-4
Nathan Thrasher (Yamaha), 4-6
Justin Cooper (Yamaha), 6-5
Max Vohland (KTM), 7-7
Jalek Swoll (Husqvarna), 11-8
Cameron McAdoo (Kawasaki), 10-9
Seth Hammaker (Kawasaki), 12-10

14. Ryder DiFrancesco (Kawasaki), 17-14

250MX Class Points Standings

Jett Lawrence (Honda), 478

Source: Next Level Sports Management

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